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January and a New Year

A new year, a new month, and I’m already behind in my posting here!

So far, January 2013 has gone fairly smoothly. David was here until last Saturday, when we took him back to Phoenix. His classes began yesterday. We all got new phones and man, the learning curve on them is going to be steep. Less than twenty-four hours after activating mine, I had already unwittingly dialed someone. How embarrassing!

I did make some New Year’s Resolutions and also picked out my One Little Word for 2013, but I’m not quite ready to post about them. Maybe later this week.

For today, you get pictures!

The view from my driveway this morning, just as the sun was coming up (which was 7:35 a.m.):

Morning sunrise on the Huachuca Mountains

And my pretty Christmas display using the Winter Garden Runner I crocheted last summer:

Christmas display

This sits on the ledge above the kitchen sink that divides the kitchen and living room. I didn’t intend for the runner to be a holiday runner, but it certainly works well that way! I need to pack away my Christmas decorations, but I am tempted to leave this little display out a bit longer. What do you think?

Dierdra Afghan Pattern Inspired Table Top Runner

I should be writing this morning (I am way behind in NaNoWriMo due to traveling earlier this month), but I have had this blog post on my mind far too long and it is time to get it down on paper and posted so you all can see it!

Last summer I was on a crochet thread kick and made this Winter Garden Runner for a homeschooling friend in Missouri. And then I made a variation of it for myself in slightly different colors. This looks great in our new guest bedroom on top of the black dresser with a couple of Santas on it, which you can see in the first picture on my Decluttering Progress post from late August.

Since I was on a roll, I decided to make another large runner for my cousin Roberta for her birthday. Unfortunately, by the time I thought of it, her birthday was looming large. But I had the project underway by then and finally finished it in late September.

First I sent Roberta several possible patterns and then asked for color and size guidance, since she knew where she wanted to use the runner. The pattern she chose was beautiful, but unfortunately I was unable to figure out a crucial stitch – although now I think I know how it should go, after working on this project, which turned out to have a similar stitch!

In the end, I chose something a bit different that I thought Roberta would like and that I felt would be fun to work up. I took an afghan pattern, Dierdra, from Crochet Celtic Afghans
and adapted it to make it into a runner of the proper size.

Here are pictures of the Dierdra Afghan from the Crochet Celtic Afghans book (designed by Dot Drake):

And then I began crocheting! 33 leaf layers (green), 33 flower centers (17 white, 16 burgundy), and 33 flower petal layers (16 white, 17 burgundy).

Next step is to intertwine all the layers.

Color combination one:

Color combination two:

The two color combinations interwoven.

Now that all the layers are interwoven, it is time to crochet them together into strips.

An edging goes around the first square.

Then when you make the edging around each successive square, you join it as you go to the previous square.

Alternating each color motif, you end up with three separate strips that have edging around them.

Then you put join two strips together with an edging down the center, doing that twice until all three strips are joined.

A final edging around the whole piece and voila! It is done!

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