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Back again, hopefully!

Goodness, has it really been a month and a half since my last post? I certainly didn’t intend that. I seem to do things all or nothing and February was my month for catching up on the financial records and getting taxes filed, which I accomplished! It is such a nice feeling, having them done early and knowing, for the good or bad, what the results were. Thankfully this year it was good results, with a nice refund, which I sort of was hoping for what with our moving expenses, job search expenses, and college expenses. Next year might be a different story!

Other than that, I think I’ve been hibernating, waiting for the weather to warm up! December, January, February, even the first half of March have been cold, a lot of cloudy days, and a lot of wind. Tucson reported their fourth wettest January/February period in over 100 years. Wouldn’t you know it? It seems like we always move somewhere when they are having a non-normal year. But today is sunny and gorgeous, if still a bit chilly from the wind. The temperature may reach 70, but that wind blowing down from the snow-capped mountain is still cold!

My main project these last few days has been hanging pictures in the living room. I have so many digital pictures filed here and there on my computer, but so few actual prints. So I’ve been ordering some prints, buying some frames, and getting some memories off the computer and onto the walls! I decided the living room would be full of my pictures, only pictures that I had taken, other than the one picture that my Grammy painted that I hung when we first moved in. So far I have the west wall completely done.

West Wall

I know you can’t see what the pictures are, but I wanted to show the full effect between the two windows the edge that wall.

The center picture was taken at Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Two of the four pictures surrounding that are Arizona pictures from one of our exploration drives last November.

Arizona sky

Arizona cactus

One other is St. George Island in Florida.

St George Island, Florida

The last is Sanibel Island Beach in Florida.

Sanibel Island Beach

And the outside two were taken at Watkins Glen State Park in New York.

Watkins Glen State Park, NY

Watkins Glen State Park, NY

I am quite pleased with how the arrangement turned out and want to give a special “thank you” to my mom for her long-distance assistance!

The Long Walk

This year instead of doing New Year’s Resolutions, I am doing small monthly resolutions. January’s was getting our financial records in order, which actually took all of January and February. And yes, it was a huge project (which I still intend to blog about), but it should not have taken two months. But with Miss Munchkin about, the best laid plans of mice and men … well, you know how that goes. March I didn’t set any goal, since I knew I would be traveling a fair bit (one week to Alabama, the next week to Ft. Lauderdale), but I did manage to get our taxes done and filed in record time. One of the little perks from the two months of working on getting our financial records organized!

So that brings me up to April. For April I had two very ambitious goals. One was to get back to regular blog writing (yeah, I know it’s the 8th of April already and this is the first post, so I have failed miserably) and also get some much needed updating done on my blogs (new software, new looks, etc.). All of which does not seem to be happening. Can you tell that Miss Munchkin is back home? She spent all of February and the first two weeks of March with her daddy, which is the only reason I managed to complete January’s goal in February! But with her back home again I am really accomplishing so very little and it is rather frustrating. And this week she is sick with some cold/fever/sore throat/ear hurt something that she has passed on to David and now I am coming down with it. She is better today, a bit, anyway, but not totally well. At least she’s eating some today and not running the fever.

Anyway, April. My second goal for April is daily exercise. I’ll be fifty this month (gasp!) and I really would like to be in better physical condition. Losing some weight would be an added bonus, but stamina and conditioning is really what I’m after. So beginning on March 30th (a Monday – I begin things better on Monday’s than on the 1st of the month) I set the goal of getting to the gym just as soon as Bill goes out the door to work in the morning. So far, pretty good. Of the eight possible days (I am not counting weekends), I have made it to the gym seven days. And the day I didn’t make the gym, I went for a long, long walk.

I first thought of walking to the town center in Southwood back in February, when Miss Munchkin was not here, but it never seemed to work out, mostly because we had one of the coldest February’s on record. Last Friday, though, was the perfect day, sunshine, low 70s, and Munchkin spending the day away from home with Mommy. So after Homeschool Chat, around 12:30 I headed out, water bottle, cell phone and debit card in hand. I walked to the town center (a distance I figure is about 2 miles) and then had lunch at one of the little cafes there. Then I walked the two blocks to the lake. Halfway around the lake, I sat on one of the benches and called my mom and chatted with her for about half an hour. Then I finished walking around the lake (a total of 2 miles) and headed for home, taking a scenic path that I had not walked before (at least 2 miles, possibly a bit further).

It was a beautiful walk and I wish I had a smaller digital camera that carried easily, as pictures would have been lovely. These pictures of the lake path from last summer will have to do. But I think I went just a tad bit too far. I was extremely sore the next couple of days and didn’t sleep well at night. Also, I should have thought of sunscreen, as I got a small bit of sunburn. Luckily, it was the sort that turns to tan instead of blistering and peeling.

I am ready to walk it again soon, although I’m not sure walking it at the noon hour / early afternoon will be a good idea in the summertime. Probably I have about a six week window where it will be the perfect walk before it gets too hot. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to walk it again soon. And I definitely want to drive the route I took (as nearly as I can) to see how far I really walked. I figure it was at least six miles.

Rainy days …

… and Mondays always get me down, isn’t that how the song goes? Well, at least it’s not a Monday! I wish every day was a sunny day and it would wait to rain until it is time to go to sleep. I need sunshine! Blue skies! Oh well, we don’t always get what we need, do we?

The guppies are gone. Well, all but one or two, I hope. I saw one tiny baby swimming around last night. I am going to wait a week or two before I go get any more fishies. If there is only one guppy left, that’s not so bad. Two, well, by the time I know whether they are male or female, it might be too late! I do not want another tank full of guppies. I gave away over 125 guppies and I have only a thirty gallon tank. That was wayyyy tooooo many guppies!

Miss Munchkin’s first day back home went relatively smoothly. I had worried that she might be all tired out or have troubles adjusting back to our rhythms here, but she did just fine. She must be going through a growth spurt, though! Every half hour it was “I Hungree” and she was! Did that girl ever eat! She definitely is taller than she was when she left three weeks ago.

I am trying to decide whether I am good enough at sewing to alter a pair of jeans that I bought last week. Believe it or not, I actually went clothes shopping without a pressing reason to. I bought the most wonderful pair of blue jeans (after trying on 20 different pairs), but they are a tad too long and need to be shortened. They have some stretchiness to them and that causes me to think twice about taking the scissors to them myself. But I hate to pay someone to alter them. But I hate to ruin an expensive pair of jeans. These are Not Your Daughter’s Jeans and they are, hands down, the most expensive pair of pants I have ever bought. But as comfortable as they are, I may very well go back next month (after payday) and get another pair!

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