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Basking In The Sun

It is a gloriously sunny day outside, although still just a touch on the cool side. If you don’t believe me, then believe this lizard on my back cement wall, soaking up the sunshine this morning.

Fall is definitely in the air, though. As I am writing this, at 9:00 a.m. (Arizona Time), it is only 62 degrees F outside and we are only supposed to get a high in the low 80s. And it all goes downhill from there. By Wednesday we are due for “some stinkin’ west wind”, as I’ve heard it described, and then by the weekend expected highs are upper 60s, maybe low 70s, if we are lucky. Ready or not, winter is on its way!

We had a pleasant and somewhat lazy weekend. Saturday we slept in late, which meant breakfast was late, which meant we were late deciding what to do for the small part of the day that was left! We left the house around noon, heading for Tucson and still unsure of what we would do, hike in Sabino Canyon or visit the ASARCO Mineral Discovery Center and tour their open-pit copper mine. By the time we got to Tucson, the weather was a lot cooler and cloudier and threatened rain, so hiking did not seem prudent. And we were correct! By the time our mine tour began, it was raining! I’ll be posting pictures later in the week, but mostly what you will notice is the raindrops on the bus windows rather than the mine!

Sunday was another lazy day, mostly spent watching the Dover NASCAR race, chatting with family on Skype, and then clicking channels to watch portions of football games. And then an early bedtime! It’s an exciting life we live here!

A Wet Wednesday

After three weeks of lovely sunshine and clear skies, we are back to overcast skies and the occasional rain shower/downpour.

Huachuca Mountains

There's a mountain back there behind all those clouds!

I was really enjoying the sunshine, especially since we saw so little of it in July and August. Friends back east were asking me all summer how I was handling the Arizona summer heat, when actually they were having a much hotter summer than we were here in Sierra Vista. We rarely saw a day into the 90s for the whole two months of July and August. Mostly it was overcast skies, 80s, sprinkles, rains, rainbows and just a whole lot of wet!

Double rainbow over Sierra Vista, Arizona

Outside our front door in July; we could see both ends of this double rainbow.

According to Paul Herman’s weather page (located here in Sierra Vista), we have experienced 11.17 inches of rain this Monsoon season (which we are still in), with over 10 inches of that precipitation occurring in the July and August months. We had so much rain that in early September I had snails marching out of my flower beds and climbing on to my patio screen door. Remember, this is high desert country; the last thing I expected was a summer of cool temperatures (relatively speaking) and rain, let alone snails!



Mr. Snail heading for my patio screen door.

San Pedro River in August

There was so much rain that the San Pedro River actually had water in it!

Hopefully we’ll be back to sunshine, lower humidity and lovely fall temperatures by the weekend.

End of March

March is certainly not going out like a lamb here in southeastern Arizona. The winds, they are a blowin’! We are under a wind advisory this afternoon and tonight, with gust up to 50 mph forecasted. It seems like the wind blows a lot here. It makes for good drying weather, if you can keep the clothes pinned to the clothes line. And that leads to my big news for March: I finally have a washing machine! After months of looking, comparing models and trying to decide whether to buy a really cheapie one in the belief that we’ll just leave it here whenever we move again or buy a really good model with all the bells and whistles and plan to take it with us wherever we move, whenever we move, we finally decided to compromise. So, we spent more money than we would have liked, but much less than we could have spent, and I now have a washing machine. No more trips to the Laundromat! Hurray!! I can now wash a load a day, hang it out on the line, where it dries in about an hour, and thus have my Saturday’s totally free. That might mean some longer day trips on Saturdays in the coming weeks.

March has been a tough month for me emotionally. Munchkin’s birthday was March 7th and this is the first year since her birth that I have not been able to celebrate her birthday with her. She turned four! Can you believe it? Here’s a picture of her with me just a few minutes after her birth:

Grandma and Munchkin

And here are a couple pictures from her “princess” birthday party:


Munchkin and friend

Munchkin is on the right and her friend is on the left.

So, the beginning March was difficult, but as the month went on, something seemed to ease within me. Maybe it’s just that enough time has passed since we left Tallahassee (six months now) that I am finally becoming more adjusted to this major life change of not having any of the children around. Or maybe it’s just that Munchkin’s birthday passed, I survived, I know she’s doing well, and life goes on. Or maybe it is just that the weather is warmer, the sun is shining more and I those two things always make me happier. Whatever it is, I am definitely coping better, not tearing up every time I think about how far away the kids and Munchkin are or think about how long it has been since I saw them.

I am looking forward to April. I have many items on April’s “to do” list, so many that I am really uncertain where to begin or in what order to begin. Maybe I need a dart board to help sort it all out!

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