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Thursday’s Treasures – Another Watering Can

Earlier this month I posted pictures of my Watering Can Collection and asked if two of something makes a collection.
I didn’t really think so, but I do believe three of something makes a collection!

I found this lovely little ceramic watering can yesterday at a thrift store (I spent a whole dollar on it!).
I placed it on my vanity and love that the reflection of the back side looks just as pretty as the front side.

So you can see how tiny it really is, I took a picture of the whole vanity.

It has been five weeks since I posted about organizing my vanity and look how nice it still looks!
I was able to quickly pull together the jewelry I needed for our square dance getaway last weekend and just as easily put all the jewelry back where it belonged when I returned home.

It would be wonderful to have all areas of my life as organized and as eye-pleasing as my vanity.

Thursday’s Treasures – Watering Cans

I’m a collector of things. There. I said it. I’m sure there is a 12-step program, but I’m happy with my collections and they haven’t taken control of my life, so far. So far…

I collect Santa Clauses, but I’m rather particular about the style, so that has kept my collection rather small. I also collect vases and had many in storage, or so I thought until I discovered in May that we lost many more items than we previously realized in a burglary. C’est la vie, right?

My watering can collection could hardly even be called a collection. I had one very pretty red flowered ceramic piece in storage and I had this piece with me:

I guess I had this one with me because it was more utilitarian, rather than decorative like the red flowered piece. Just goes to show, if you are going to have a collection, make it a useful one!

Last month I saw another watering can that I liked

My cousin Roberta helped me find the right shade of green/yellow/cream flowers when we were craft shopping last month in Phoenix.

Does two items make a collection?