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Valentine’s Hearts

I made some Valentine’s hearts for my daughter and granddaughters. Using a Floral Heart Motif pattern I saw on Pinterest (check out my Crochet Hearts Pinterest board) I made two pink and white hearts out of yarn for Miss Munchkin and Miss Wiggles.

Pink Yarn Heart

Pink Yarn Heart made for my granddaughters for Valentine’s Day.

Red Yarn Heart

Red Yarn Heart made for my daughter for Valentine’s Day.

I also made one in red and white for my daughter. These were all quite large, about 6 inches across, as I used the size G crochet hook and medium weight yarn that the pattern suggested.

While making them, I began thinking how they would look made from thread. So I dug out some size 10 thread and my size 2mm crochet hook and started in. One heart measured slightly less than 3 inches across, so about half the size of the yarn hearts. Before I was halfway done with the first heart, I was already picturing several joined together to make one Valentine’s Day Circle of Hearts doily.

Circle of Hearts Doily

Circle of Hearts Doily

And here is the doily with a bud vase in the center, along with a Valentine’s Day rose.

Single Rose with Circle of Hearts Doily

Single Rose with Circle of Hearts Doily

This sits on the counter between the kitchen and living room and I get to look at it every time I stand at the kitchen sink. It probably would look better if I took the time to block it (wash, pin, starch), but I was in such a hurry to use it. I quite like it the way it is! And can you believe I actually made something for myself? I am getting better at doing that!

Just A Moment – Twenty-One

Friday ritual inspired by other blogs. A single photo from this past week…. few no words…. just a moment captured in time. If you feel inspired to share…. leave a link in the comments with your moment.

Crochet Corner

This is my end of the loveseat. I had about five projects going on all at the same time earlier this week. I finished all the Valentine’s gifts and got them in the mail on time. I finished my gift to myself (a heart doily that I will be posting a picture of next week). Most of this mess has been cleaned up and put away and I am back to just two projects, Kat’s second (purple) shawl and Liana’s birthday blanket.

Beads and Yarn – Its All Good Fun

Yesterday I posted pictures of several Crochet Chain Necklaces (& Bracelets) and promised one made with Royal Sparkly yarn (Caron Simply Soft Party) today, so here it is:

Royal Sparkly Crochet Chain Necklace

I can’t decide if I like the blue or the green better.

Spring Sparkle Crochet Chain Necklace

I’ve also begun playing with some beads and made this for Munchkin for Valentine’s Day:

Butterfly Bead Necklace

I’m hope it isn’t too long. I really need some measurements for her! But, if it is too long, I have another butterfly and more beads, so I could make a shorter one and Munchkin could give this one to her Mommy. 