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Just a Moment – Fifty-Five

The front bed now includes:

1 Indian hawthorne bush (left back)

1 Texas Star hibiscus (center back – hopefully!)

1 Kaleidoscope abelia bush (right back)

8 Sweet William – 5 plants on the left, 3 on the right

1 Digiplexis – Illumination Flame (just to the right of the Indian Hawthorne)

2 Phlox subulate (pink thrift) (left and right front corners)

2 Maleampodium leucanthum (Blackfoot Daisy) (left and right – you can see the blossoms)

1 Iberis sempervirens ‘Tahoe’ (evergreen candytuft) (front center)

1 Master Gardener garden stone

Still to plant will be some zinnia seeds and possibly some wildflowers – I have some bluebonnet seeds – just not sure what to add that won’t take over, or maybe taking over is okay.

Weekly Overview.07.03.17

Outside My Window… My Texas Star Hibiscus is blooming like crazy – there’s more than two blooms open and many more buds.  I love seeing it from my office window.

I am thinking… Rain.  Thunder.  Lightning.  I was going to mow yard, had my yard shoes on and ready to walk out the door when I noticed it was raining.  The yard really needs mowing.  I mean, REALLY needs mowing!

I am thankful for… A nice June filled with rain, plants, family, and traveling to new places.

From the kitchen… silence.

I am hoping… to stay focused today.  I have a very long to do list this week!

I am reading…

  • The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict
  • Elementary, She Read (A Sherlock Holms Bookshop Mystery #1) by Vicki Delany

I am busy creating… I have a filet crochet project started (a cat design on a table runner), but haven’t worked on it for a month now.  Maybe I’ll find time for it this month, but I seem to have plants and other things on my mind and forget about picking up the crochet hooks.

I am hearing… Never Land by Eli Young Band on Spotify

Around the house & garden…  After a busy June with family visiting, then traveling, and then Jr. Master Naturalist camp every morning last week, the house is a bit of a disaster.  I need to focus on finishing the unpacking from our trip, cleaning some bathrooms, and tackling the huge pile of receipts and papers on my desk.  Outside I still need to move all the containers back into their places (I moved them all to one central spot so David could more easily water everything while we were vacationing).  And the yard needs mowing!

In other news… I have a ton of pictures to sort through from our trip.  I bought a new camera right before we left (a Canon Powershot SX720 HS) and I am more than pleased with it.  It’s going to take me quite some time to sort through and begin posting pictures and information about our trip to Idaho, but I will get it done!

One of my favorite things… Lazy Sundays when we can sleep as late as we want, eat leftovers, watch movies, and just rest.  Yesterday was just such a day.

Our Weekly Overview… 

Karen:  I’m home all week except Friday afternoon, when I’ll be helping move supplies from the county extension office to Global Spheres in preparation for next week’s Jr. Master Gardener Camp.  My week will be full of plants and cleaning and office work.  Any and all phone calls dealing with contractors will wait until after the 4th of July and possibly wait entirely until next week.

Bill:  Bill gets the 4th off, but otherwise will be working from home as usual.  Friday night he is scheduled to do another all-night work session with a client, which he’s not looking forward to.  Friday is also our 38th wedding anniversary, but I guess we’ll celebrate another day.  No biggie.

David:  David works every day except Wednesday & Thursday.  Work isn’t fun right now, as the company is downsizing personnel at the same time experiencing very high (normal for summer) call volumes.  He’s hanging in there, hoping it will improve after August 1st.  Or waiting to see if he’ll be collecting unemployment after August 1st.

Here some picture thoughts I am sharing …

My raised bed of summer flowers. The zinnias are gorgeous!

Texas Star Hibiscus blossoms.

2016 Update – Part Two

It’s been quite some time since I posted any sort of update.  I’ll try to give some highlights from the past few months.  (Part One was posted yesterday)


  • I completed and shipped my brother’s wedding gift so that he received in time for his first anniversary.crocheted table runner
  • A whirlwind car trip. Sixteen days. The first leg was driving from DFW to Detroit to visit one of Bill’s cousins.  On the way we stopped at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum in Auburn Indiana. Karen in her racecar.While in Detroit, we visited the Henry Ford MuseumBill at Henry Ford MuseumThe next leg was driving to upstate New York to visit extended family and friends,
    Hayes Cousins

    Hayes Cousins

    and also attend a surprise 80th birthday party for one of my aunts.

    My Mom and her sister, the birthday gal.

    My Mom and her sister, the birthday gal.

    The third leg was south to north Alabama to visit Charles, Rebecca & Liana.  And then finally back home.  We had a wonderful time and would do it again in a heartbeat, although maybe we’d shorten it by just a couple of days.  The last two days we were getting a little antsy in the car.

  • While on our trip, we closed on the sale of our Alabama trailer/property.


  • David flew to Connecticut to attend a wedding.
  • I paid down a bunch of bills from the proceeds of the Alabama sale. Oh, that felt so very good.
  • We started the process of refinancing the mortgage on our Texas home, with the goal to get it refinanced before the election. I was pretty certain rates would go up after then.
  • We bought a new lawn mower, which works really nicely on our small yard.Black and Decker Lawn Mower
  • The Neon continued to have sensors and such fail, leaving the driver (usually me!) stranded. Not fun!
  • My Texas Star Hibiscus grew and grew and grew!  And I had blossoms galore.Texas Star Hibiscus

To Be Continued….

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