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Amore Arizona – Desert Sunsets

Saturday we drove to Phoenix and visited with family, which is always nice. When we left home, the sun was shining brightly, but we could see low dark clouds all around us and sure enough, the snow began to fall just north of Huachuca City and continued until the outskirts of Tucson.

Falling snow in Arizona

And then we were back to sunshine!

Arizona desert

For most of the day it was sunny and very cool, especially by Phoenix standards. We did even have a little spell of raindrops on the windshield while in Phoenix, but not enough to even run the wipers.

On the return trip we were treated to the most spectacular sunset between Picacho Peak and Marana (north of Tucson). The mountains to the east were getting rain/snow and the setting sun cast its red hues on the clouds, making it appear like the mountains were on fire.

Arizona Mountain view

Arizona Mountain sunset "fire"

And the sunset was gorgeous!

Arizona sunset

Arizona sunset

These were taken from inside the car, going down the Interstate at 75 mph! The first two I took with my cell phone and the rest with my camera. The cell phone does a really good job and I may end up using that more than my camera! And yes, Bill was driving. If I had been driving, we’d have been camped out on an overpass taking pictures until dark!

This post is part of my Amore Arizona series that I mentioned in my post on Contentment,
in which I write about and post pictures of the things I love about Arizona.

Working On Contentment

Contentment was a good choice as my word for 2012. Even though I have accomplished very little of what I had planned for January, the month seems to be ending up well, with most of the issues that caused stress throughout the month finding their way to a good resolution. And by remembering my word, contentment, I was able to keep moving forward, look for the bright spots, and not dwell on what isn’t or can’t be. That is major progress compared to the last two months of 2011.

Last weekend Bill and I had a little getaway and attended the Tucson Area Square Dance Festival. We had great fun dancing to some excellent callers. Anytime we can dance to Nasser Shukayr, we will be there!

My first Amore Arizona post earlier this month highlighted Arizona’s sunsets, and we have certainly had some beautiful ones this month. Here are two pictures taken outside our house on different evenings this past week, the first from the backyard and the second from the front yard.

Putting contentment into practice, I have purchased several plants this month, including 5 African violets! As soon as I get them all in their new pots, I will be posting pictures. There is just something about African violets that makes a house feel like a home to me.

And here is another self-care step towards contentment:

Pink and red tulips

The pink tulips were barely open when I put them in water yesterday, and they are all drooping more than I like, but they are still lovely.

Amore Arizona – Beautiful Sunsets

One of the very first things I noticed about living in Arizona that delighted me were the beautiful sunsets. Out on the desert floor, where the skies tend to be clear and the mountains are off in the distance, the sand in the air causes some brilliant reds and golds. I took this picture coming home from Phoenix this past Monday, somewhere just slightly north of Tucson, looking to the west. I think Bill thought I was crazy as I rolled down the window while we were going down the Interstate and began holding my camera up and out the window! Don’t worry, I wasn’t driving!

Here in Sierra Vista, at our higher altitude, I think we have more clouds than many areas of Arizona, and clouds can contribute to lovely sunsets. These two pictures were taken this past Wednesday evening, just standing outside in my front yard, looking to the Huachuca Mountains to the west and southwest.

You can just barely see the white of snow on the peak in the above picture.

And this is my all-time favorite sunset picture:

This was taken October 2010, on our way home from a trip to the peak of Mount Lemmon. As we headed east on the Interstate, Bill said, “Look behind you!” By the time Bill was able to find a place to pull off so I could take some pictures, the sun had dropped below the horizon. I have used this picture as a background on my computer desktop and also sliced it to use as one of the rotating header pictures here on Musings, Mischief and Mayhem.

Do you have a favorite sunset picture?

This is the first in my Amore Arizona series that I mentioned in my January 4th post on Contentment. In this series I write about and post pictures of the things I love about Arizona.

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