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January 2018 Goals Wrap-Up

January was a very busy month, with quite a bit accomplished.  Unfortunately, it seemed to be a short month (were there really 31 days in this January) and I have not completed my goals list, so there will be some carry-over into February.  We all knew this would happen, didn’t we?

Here’s the list I posted in my January 2018 Goals post updated to show progress:

  • Work towards finishing the auction/probate legal stuff on my dad’s estate – an accounting of the auction and my expenses was sent to the lawyer several days ago and I’m waiting on his response.  I can see that it will be necessary to begin calling his office.  So progress, but not completion.
  • Catch up Quicken – updates have been started, but much more needs to be done in February.
  • Start a new blog for book reviews – set up my name website, find a new theme to use – no progress at all in this area, so this will carry over into February.
  • Continue regular blogging – I consider this a success, as I did manage several blog posts in January.
  • Finish the 2017 crocheted snowflakes – block & starch – I crocheted two small afghans instead, so yeah, I did accomplish one crochet project planned for 2018, just not the one I had lined up for January.  Still a success.
  • Crochet the 2018 snowflake ornaments – nope, didn’t do this either, but I have begun a baby blanket for a Master Gardener friend who became a grandmother this month!  This can be a half fail, half success.
  • Do one picture project – watch for a future blog post on picture projects for 2018 – I didn’t do this either.  Instead I spent several hours going through all my picture files to help supply Fiona with pictures for a school video biography project.  The video was great (I have a copy!), so again, half fail, half success.

From all the red in the above list, it appears that I am going to have to work more diligently on some projects!  In my defense, I did also edit a complete book (freelance hire), graduate as a Master Gardener, travel to Waco for a square dance weekend, attend 6 Master Gardener meetings plus an all day workshop on Native Plants, dealt with Copper’s semi-annual visit to the vet, and got the Dart yearly inspection/registration and an oil change taken care of.  Plus, I’ve walked this month – slightly over 30 miles! I’ve been busy!

Crochet Hearts Pendant and Earrings

What do you think? Is it too corny? Old-fashioned looking? I love the earrings, but I think the hearts need to be slightly larger for a pendant.

This is not at all the intended finished product; not even close. But I want to wear the hearts for a special dance Saturday night and I know I won’t have time to make what I had envisioned. Tracy’s comment on yesterday’s post inspired me to do something different.

I am not sure which I like better, the silver or black choker. I will be wearing it with a black shirt that has a collar, and both look equally well with the shirt. And yes, I know these are blue and the hearts I posted yesterday were red, pink and white. But the skirt I’m wearing Saturday evening is turquoise/blue design and red/white/pink just didn’t match!

This jewelry making certainly is fussy work, but I may be hooked, no pun intended!

Working On Contentment

Contentment was a good choice as my word for 2012. Even though I have accomplished very little of what I had planned for January, the month seems to be ending up well, with most of the issues that caused stress throughout the month finding their way to a good resolution. And by remembering my word, contentment, I was able to keep moving forward, look for the bright spots, and not dwell on what isn’t or can’t be. That is major progress compared to the last two months of 2011.

Last weekend Bill and I had a little getaway and attended the Tucson Area Square Dance Festival. We had great fun dancing to some excellent callers. Anytime we can dance to Nasser Shukayr, we will be there!

My first Amore Arizona post earlier this month highlighted Arizona’s sunsets, and we have certainly had some beautiful ones this month. Here are two pictures taken outside our house on different evenings this past week, the first from the backyard and the second from the front yard.

Putting contentment into practice, I have purchased several plants this month, including 5 African violets! As soon as I get them all in their new pots, I will be posting pictures. There is just something about African violets that makes a house feel like a home to me.

And here is another self-care step towards contentment:

Pink and red tulips

The pink tulips were barely open when I put them in water yesterday, and they are all drooping more than I like, but they are still lovely.

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