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One Year in Sierra Vista

One year from yesterday (October 3rd, 2009) we arrived here in Sierra Vista, feeling more than just a bit shell-shocked and lost. A year later life is much improved, although I think we both (Bill and I) would move back east in a heartbeat. It’s not all that bad here in Arizona; we just miss family and the sense of normalcy that familiar environs engender. Every now and then, when I’m missing the green trees and sandy beaches of Florida, I make a mental list of what I do like about living here in Arizona. Here’s a few of those things:

What I like about Arizona:
• The lack of humidity
• The incredible vistas
• Rainbows
• Sky Islands
• The beautiful ornamental flowers & bushes
• New places to explore
• Hummingbirds

And, of course, there are times I make lists of the things I don’t like!

What I don’t like about Arizona:

• The lack of humidity
• The inhospitable terrain
• The cold west wind and snow in the winter
• The lack of large green trees
• The fact that the sand is not on a warm sunny gulf beach
• It’s too far from family, especially Miss Munchkin
• The fact that rivers rarely have water in them
• Tarantulas (I’ve only seen one, but that was enough)

Last night I saw the most incredible sunset on our way home from Mount Lemmon and Tucson. Arizona certainly can have some beautiful sunsets!

Sunset in Arizona

Sunset in Arizona

Last of the Chiricahua pictures

Here are a final few pictures, mostly taken going back down Bonita Canyon Drive. Since there were so few places to pull off and take pictures, some here will have guard rails and shadows of the car as I took them from inside the car. Amazing I could hold the camera while also maintaining a death grip on the armrest!

Upper Bonita Canyon Drive

Upper Bonita Canyon Drive

more of upper Bonita Canyon Drive

More of the top portion of Bonita Canyon Drive

Bonita Canyon Drive

rock formation

Rock formation along Bonita Canyon Drive

rock formations

More balanced rock formation.

Pinnacle Rock

Pinnacle Rock

Of course, no trip to a National Monument is complete without visiting the Gift Shop!  It was a great gift shop, with many items I was sure Miss Munchkin would love, but as the budget was tight, I limited my purchases to two books and some postcards.  Gifts for the munchkin will have to wait for another visit, maybe when she is along with us!

Chiricahua National Monument – This us a great little book that provides the geological history of the area and the peoples who live(d) here.

I am still reading through A History of the Southwest. It’s small but jam-packed with southwest history.

More of Chiricahua National Monument

More pictures from our trip to Chiricahua National Monument.

view from Massai Point

View from Massai Point

Cochise Stronghold Sign

Cochise Stronghold Sign

Sky Islands Sign

Sky Islands Sign

I had never heard of “Sky Islands” before moving to Arizona.  Pretty interesting!  Another term used is “Mountain Islands.”

Bill at Massai Point

Bill on the main path at Massai Point.

Cochise Head Sign

Cochise Head Sign

Cochise Head

Can you see Cochise's Head?

I’ll post the last of the pictures tomorrow.

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