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Carr Canyon – 365 – 094

This week’s Monday Morning Walk might be held later in the week or might even not be done at all! Sorry, but I need to get taxes done today and so I am going to post some pictures I took yesterday on a Sunday Drive.

Carr Canyon is just a few miles south of us and we’ve talked of driving up it many times; Sunday we finally attempted it. I say attempted because we thought it was a paved road, but it wasn’t and our car really isn’t suited to rough dirt climbs up a mountain. We made it about two-thirds the way up and then Bill found a place to turn around and we came back down. I would love to go all the way to the top (there are campgrounds and hiking trails at the top!), but we’ll have to have an all-terrain vehicle of some sort to do so, not our little Neon!

I did snap some pictures on the way up into the canyon and then on the way back down the dirt road that climbed the side of the Huachuca mountains.

Huachuca Mountains

Driving into Carr Canyon, you can see the sheer cliffs of the Huachuca Mountains.

San Pedro Valley

Looking east down over the town of Sierra Vista and the San Pedro Valley.

San Pedro valley

Looking south over the San Pedro Valley and towards Mexico. The mountain in the background is in Mexico.

Sierra Vista and the San Pedro Valley

Looking northeast over the town of Sierra Vista and the San Pedro Valley.

view from Carr Canyon

Looking north you can see the Mustangs and the Whetstone Range in the distance. In the center you can see the Border Patrol blimp that normally flies high over the area, monitoring the U.S. Mexico border. Yesterday was a very windy day, so the blimp was grounded until better weather.

One Year in Sierra Vista

One year from yesterday (October 3rd, 2009) we arrived here in Sierra Vista, feeling more than just a bit shell-shocked and lost. A year later life is much improved, although I think we both (Bill and I) would move back east in a heartbeat. It’s not all that bad here in Arizona; we just miss family and the sense of normalcy that familiar environs engender. Every now and then, when I’m missing the green trees and sandy beaches of Florida, I make a mental list of what I do like about living here in Arizona. Here’s a few of those things:

What I like about Arizona:
• The lack of humidity
• The incredible vistas
• Rainbows
• Sky Islands
• The beautiful ornamental flowers & bushes
• New places to explore
• Hummingbirds

And, of course, there are times I make lists of the things I don’t like!

What I don’t like about Arizona:

• The lack of humidity
• The inhospitable terrain
• The cold west wind and snow in the winter
• The lack of large green trees
• The fact that the sand is not on a warm sunny gulf beach
• It’s too far from family, especially Miss Munchkin
• The fact that rivers rarely have water in them
• Tarantulas (I’ve only seen one, but that was enough)

Last night I saw the most incredible sunset on our way home from Mount Lemmon and Tucson. Arizona certainly can have some beautiful sunsets!

Sunset in Arizona

Sunset in Arizona

Sky Watching

We have been living here in Sierra Vista for almost a year now (October 3rd will be one year) and one of the things that I like most about living here is the sky. I’ve always been a sky watcher and the wide open spaces here really make sky watching so much easier. Last week I posted a picture of the clouds obscuring the mountain behind our house. The very next day I took this picture:

Huachuca Mountains

It is almost as if you could just reach up and grab one of those clouds! I never get tired of watching the interplay of the clouds with the distant mountains, either obscuring them or casting interesting shadows. And when there are no clouds, the sky is a beautiful blue. Arizonians like to claim the blue sky for their own, but I’ve noticed the same pride in their blue skies by North Carolinians, Alabamians and Floridians.

Here are some more “sky” pictures that I’ve taken in the year we’ve been here:

The Mustangs

The Mustangs, from the Sonoita side (west side), November 2009

Box Canyon

Box Canyon, between Sonoita and Green Valley, November 2009

Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area

Watching the Sandhill Cranes at Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area, near Elfrida, January 2010

Huachuca Mountains

West side of the Huachuca Mountains, May 2010

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