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Just a Moment – 2

A new Friday ritual inspired by other blogs. A single photo from this past week…. few no words…. just a moment captured in time. If you feel inspired to share…. leave a link in the comments with your moment.} My thanks to Life with Nin for inspiring {just a moment}.

I have two photos today that represent the beautiful colors we saw earlier this week on our Grand Canyon trip. As we left Flagstaff on Monday morning, we came down through Oak Creek Canyon to Sedona. These golden flowers were everywhere on the northern end of Oak Creek Canyon.

And on the southern end of Oak Creek Canyon, the beautiful red rocks of Sedona.

We’ve driven through Sedona twice now and each time it was at the height of day, when the sun is the most uncooperative for picture taking. In fact, after seeing how my pictures last April turned out, I didn’t bother taking more than just a couple this time around. Maybe someday we’ll take a trip just to Sedona and spend more than a few minutes driving through. In fact, I saw a brochure for a hot air balloon ride tour over Sedona and I told Bill that, if we are still here next July, that is what we are going to do for our anniversary!!

Red Rocks of Sedona – 365 – 101

Bill and I spent a long weekend traveling to a section of Arizona that we had not visited before, the Verde River Valley. We visited Cottonwood, Clarkdale and Sedona and treated ourselves to a train excursion that we have wanted to do for over a year now, The Verde Canyon Railroad journey.

Even though we picked the nastiest, coldest weekend that Arizona has seen in months, it was still a wonderful getaway. The train ride was spectacular, even in the cold on-again, off-again drizzly rain. We both agreed that we want to go again, maybe in the fall to enjoy the fall colors. We saw a couple of bald eagles, some Indian cliff dwellings, a cave home of some ancient peoples, and the most beautiful scenery.

Sunday, on our way home, we detoured further north and drove through Sedona, up Oak Creek Canyon to the scenic vista overlook, back down and through Sedona again on our way to the Interstate. I could (and will!) definitely go back to Sedona and spend a lot longer there. It was gorgeous!

Red Rocks of Sedona

Friday night and Saturday morning brought snow to the higher elevations in the area. By Sunday the sun was warming things up enough that snow was dropping from the trees in great clumps. More than once I got snow down the back of my neck in my efforts to get some good camera shots.

Red Rocks of Sedona

I took way too many pictures (close to 1000 pictures!) and it will take quite some time to sort through them all! Today I am going to post just a couple from Sunday’s trek through Sedona, some of which have been liberally cropped due to taking pictures through the car windows! Throughout the week, as I get time, I will be posting more from our trip.

Red Rocks of Sedona

P.S. Sorry, but there will be no Monday Morning Walk post this week. I simply have too many wonderful pictures from our mini-vacation to sort through and post!