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Happy Anniversary Charles and Rebecca

Today is my son and daughter-in-law’s third anniversary.
To help them celebrate, I’m posting some pics from their wedding three years ago.

They had decided early on, I guess, that they were going to have fun with the cake.

Icing everywhere, including Charles’s ear!

Icing washed off and looking good for the formal pictures!

Happy Anniversary, Charles & Rebecca!

Celtic Afghan

I realized this morning that I never posted a picture of the finished Celtic-patterned afghan that I posted about in my post Photo Friday – Progress in November 2008. I finally finished the afghan a year later, November 2009. Time to fix the omission!

When my youngest son married, I told Charles and his wife Rebecca that I would make them an afghan for their wedding gift and they could choose the pattern. Charles wanted something with a Celtic design, so I told him where my pattern books were stored and let him pick something out. I’m not sure if he didn’t realize that I meant my crochet pattern books rather than my counted cross stitch pattern books or whether he just didn’t find what he liked in the crochet pattern books, but the pattern he sent to me was this:

celtic counted cross stitch pattern

Talk about a challenge! I had never attempted to convert a counted cross stitch pattern into a crochet pattern, but after a little research and some trial and error, I decided it could be done, or rather, I could do it!

A year and a half later, this was the finished product:

celtic afghan

celtic afghan

That is a double bed that the afghan is displayed on! When I finished it, I vowed never again! And yet, I find myself contemplating making something similar for myself! I definitely would chose different colors and a different design, but I would love to have something equally as striking displayed on my bed.

Happy Birthday Rebecca

Today is my daughter-in-law’s birthday. I wish her a very happy birthday and hope the coming year is a healthy and happy one!

This picture was taken December 2004 at one of Charles’s black belt tests (his very first Karate Black Belt Test, I think). Charles is in the front. Rebecca Chappell Gibson, David Gibson and Caleb Chappell are in the back.

Charles's Black Belt Test

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