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A Bit of Rain

Over the weekend we had .39 inches of rain in our backyard (did I mention how much I love my new weather station?). This morning it has been misting off and on, although not in enough quantity to register, yet.

When I took Bill in to work this morning, I saw rainbows!

Rainbow over Fort Huachuca

There’s just a hint of a second rainbow to the left of the brilliant rainbow. I took this as I was coming off post, looking back west to the Huachuca Mountains.

The sky/cloud/mountain interplay the last few days has been quite spectacular when we have been taking our daily walks. I took this yesterday afternoon:

Shadows over the hills around Tombstone

This is looking east, towards the hills around Tombstone and the taller mountains beyond.

I hope to get a chance to drive out of town a bit sometime today and see what photo opportunities arise.

Raindrops – 365 – 097

We had actual raindrops yesterday!

raindrops on a windshield

I was so excited that I took a picture while I was driving, as I was sure they wouldn’t last long (and they didn’t!).

Huachuca Mountains

A view of the Huachuca Mountains as I was driving into Fort Huachuca to pick up Bill yesterday.