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Weekly Overview 04.02.18

Outside My Window…   my gardens are shaping up nicely.  The snapdragons that wintered over are looking particularly lovely.  And best of all, my Texas Star hibiscus is finally sending up new green shoots.  I’d been worried that moving it last month might have killed it, but it’s lived up to its description of a “hardy native.”

I am thinking…  about how quickly March flew by and how much I accomplished.  It seems like taking on the DCMGA newsletter (see April 2018 issue of The Root) has spurred me to make better use of my time.  I hope that trend continues.

I am thankful for…  Spring, warmer weather, green shoots, colorful blooms.

I am hoping… I get Quicken finally caught up and that tax filing goes smoothly.




I am reading…

  • The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes (Bestseller Code 100 book challenge)
  • The Pleasure Trap: Mastering the Hidden Force that Undermines Health and Happiness by Daniel J. Lisle (Book Club for Plant Based Eaters)
  • A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule The Future by Daniel H. Pink
  • Building The American Empire, Volume I: A Narrative History to 1877 by Harry L. Watson
  • Jeff Gordon: His Dream, Drive & Destiny by Joe Garner
  • Fast Food Genocide: How Processed Food is Killing Us and What We Can Do About It by Joel Fuhrman

I am busy creating… an wedding gift afghan for a cousin.  In March I crocheted a granny square lapghan for another cousin who turns 60 on May 1, along with retiring.  It took about a week to make, crocheting in the evenings.  I’ll ship it to him later in the month.





I am hearing… the washing machine, Bill clacking away on his keyboard, and the neighborhood garbage truck.

Around the house…  a lot needs to be done, as I’ve concentrated on Quicken, the DCMGA newsletter, and outside projects most of March.  I’ll need to find a day (soon!) to devote to some serious housecleaning!  Also, the bonus room wall still has not received the final coat of knock-down finish.  Bill has been busy with outside projects also!

Around the garden…  and yard a lot has been accomplished.  The holly bushes along the front sidewalk have been removed, 6 rain barrels bought, 1 rain barrel sample pedestal made, 120 cement blocks delivered and distributed, the compost bin area of the new fencing has received two coats of linseed oil, 3 blueberry bushes have been planted into large containers, and perennial have been added to the front and back flowerbeds.  All that in two weeks!  We have been busy.












120 cement blocks


One rain barrel pedestal prototype


In other news…    the cardboard is laid down and the outline set with the cement blocks for my new veggie garden.  I’m not sure quite when I’ll acquire the soil/mulch to fill it, or even how high I will fill it (might only need one level of blocks rather than two), but I’m excited to have it laid out.


One of my favorite things…  my new garden cart.  I love it!  It was a huge help in moving around those 120 cement blocks!  It even dumps.









Our Weekly Overview… 

 Karen:  Monday morning the first issue of the DCMGA newsletter was mailed out to both members and another list of non-members who have signed up to receive announcements.  I have a chiropractor visit in the afternoon.  Tuesday is an all-day event at Global Spheres where I help assist with the Propagation Class for the 2018 Intern Class.  I’m looking forward to helping, although not the hours – I must be there at 8 a.m. and won’t be done until about 4:30 p.m.  I’m taking in my two spider plants so they can be trimmed by the interns and also taking in zinnia seeds that I gathered from my beautiful large zinnia plants last summer/fall.  It should be fun.  The rest of the week will be focused on Quicken / Taxes.

Bill:  Bill is working from home all week.  Evenings he’ll be continuing work on the rain barrel pedestals; although I think Monday night he plans to go to Sam’s Club to buy a battery for the Neon, which I discovered was no longer working when I went to move the car Friday morning.

David:  David will have his usual week – college classes/homework and progress on his Atomic Space Race game.

Here’s a picture thought I am sharing …  


Weekly Overview 08.30.1

Outside My Window…  sunshine and white fluffy clouds, which is a welcome change from the cloudy skies we’ve had the last week.

I am thinking… about how noisy it is right now.  The neighbor on the south is getting a new roof, while one of the neighbor’s to the east is running a leaf blower.  Today this is not a quiet neighborhood.

I am thankful for… being high and dry.  Harvey’s rain all go east of us and we will not receive any of it’s wrath.

I am hoping…  the new fence / gate installation gets done today.  Yesterday the contractor came by to take measurements and see exactly where I want my compost bin alcove to go.  He indicated they’d be back today to build it.  I can’t wait to see the transformation.


Our current fence and gate area.


 I am reading…

  • Seven Stones To Stand Or Fall by Diana Gabaldon (for fun)
  • Push Not The River (The Poland Trilogy) by James Conroyd Martin (for the 2017 European Reading Challenge)

I am busy creating… plants.  Out of six geranium starts, one is still alive, so my success record there is not very good.  I planted collards and curly kale sets yesterday and am still looking for Swiss chard, mustard, and any other fall greens I can find. I have romaine lettuce and kale ends sitting in water on my kitchen counter, which are putting out a few roots and growing some fresh green tops.  Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to plant them outside soon.  The small green onion ends that I’ve been saving from my salads have taken off well.  I put them in a container outside last week and five of the seven have survived.  I have five more ends in water on the counter – as soon as they begin putting out new green shoots, they will be planted outside into a container.  Hopefully, before long, I’ll be able to just go outside and cut the tops off for my salad and leave the root end in the container to grow out new tops.

The propagation center.


I am hearing… the pounding of nails into the neighbor’s roof.

 Around the house…  the office has a new overhead light.  The previous light put out a maximum of 1100 lumens.  The new light can put out 2700 lumens, and Bill also installed a dimmer switch so we can adjust what we need.  I haven’t used my computer since he installed the new light, but I’m hopeful that the light will reach over into my corner of the room, enabling me to see items on my desk more clearly.

Around the garden… my plants are enjoying the cooler days (temperatures only in the 80s this past week) and the rain water (3+ inches last Thursday morning).  My zinnias continue to attract butterflies and hummingbirds – so fun to watch.  And my African violets are recovering from my efforts to get rid of all the mealy bugs.  I do a thorough inspection every Thursday and so far, ‘ve only had one plant that has shown any further evidence of bugs and they were easily removed.  Most of the plants are beginning to bloom, which is a good indication that they are happier.

In other news…  I’m back to using webmail.  Bill had the mail server fixed for about ten days, and then this Sunday it when kaplooey again.  He’s been working at it, trying to figure out what’s going on this time, but in the meantime, it’s webmail and gmail.

One of my favorite things…  the robotic pool cleaner.  He was expensive as hell, but he has certainly freed up my time to get other things done.  No more hours spent each week brushing the sides and bottom of the pool and then vacuuming the pool.  It is wonderful!


Our Weekly Overview… 

Karen:  A Master Gardener meeting Friday, but since Bill has the day off and we’re planning a weekend away, I’m not planning on attending.  I’ve been working on Quicken (yes, actually, finally, working on Quicken!), dealing with contractors (still), and also car maintenance (the Dart had an oil change Tuesday and will, hopefully, have the tires rotated on Thursday). Friday we will travel to Paris, Texas, for a square dance weekend.

Bill: Bill will be working from home every day this week except Friday – he’s taking a comp day on Friday.  That will make a four day weekend for him, which he well deserves.  We should be home from our square dance weekend sometime Sunday afternoon in time for the Darlington Race Sunday evening.  Monday is Labor Day and I’m sure we’ll find some project around the house to labor on.

David: David had Monday and Tuesday off, and works the rest of the week.  He continues to keep himself busy in his free hours by working on his Atomic Space game, which you can follow the progress of via Atomic Space Project.


Here’s a picture thought I am sharing …  

Weekly Overview 08.07.17

Outside My Window…  sunshine and white fluffy clouds filtered through my Texas Star hibiscus.

I am thinking… about how nice it was to have a phone call from my Mom this morning and a Skype call from Kat & Fiona this afternoon.

I am thankful for… the availability of so much beautiful Celtic music via the Internet.

I am hoping…  the a/c installation into the garage tomorrow goes smoothly.  Sounds like a repeat from last week, doesn’t it?  That’s because last week’s scheduled date got moved to this week!

 I am reading…

I am busy creating… plants.  I’m propagating geraniums, or attempting to do so.  Trimmed my peppermint striped geranium this morning and I have six potential plants started.  Keeping my fingers crossed, as I’ve never done geraniums before, nor have I used rooting compound before.



I am hearing… Celtic music from Seinn, by Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy Macisaac.  I first heard them on the Celtic Music Podcast and liked the piece played so well that I looked on the liner notes to see who and what it was.  Their album is a mixture of fiddling instrumentals and vocals in Gaelic.  They have some samples on their website that I’m listening to and when I make my next mini-weight loss goal, I will be ordering the CD.

 Around the house…  not much is happening, as most of my attention has been outside.  I realized Saturday, when I went hunting for my brochures and maps of things to do and see in Oklahoma, that I need a system to organize such things.  I always collect brochures and maps wherever I go, and then they get thrown in a pile when I get home.  I’m thinking of those cloth bins that I can shove onto a shelf…but that would mean I need open and available shelves.  The other option is a plastic tote with hanging folders inside.  I’ll have to decide upon something soon, as right now there’s piles on a couple of different tables and if I don’t deal with them, they’ll be there for weeks, maybe even months!

Around the garden… spider mites and mealy bugs to be dealt with on outside and inside plants. This morning I sprayed tomatoes and other plants outside with Neem oil.  And I will be spending Wednesday launching an all-out attack on my inside African violets – wiping down with alcohol to remove mealy bugs, then spraying with Neem oil and rinsing with water, and repotting in new soil mixed with diatomaceous earth.  It’s time to get serious!

In other news…  I’m still using webmail, which sucks.  Bill is still working on getting our mail server system back in shape.  From what I can figure, it’s got more to do with the actual program than the system, something about overloading the backup or archival to the point where it just quit.  I sure hope this doesn’t last forever, as I really miss Outlook mail (I never thought I’d say that!).

One of my favorite things…  day trips to new places.  Here’s a picture from the Chickasaw Cultural Center in Sulphur, Oklahoma, which we visited Saturday.



Our Weekly Overview… 

Karen:  No Master Gardener meetings this week.  A/C contractor(s) here on Tuesday morning to set up the mini-split unit in the garage and also (hopefully) do an air flow test in the house to remediate some residual issues from the house system that was installed in April.  The rest of the week will be ongoing focus on paperwork and accounts and Quicken.

Bill: Bill will be working from home every day this week except Wednesday (which means I have the house to myself for a whole day!!!).

David: David works every day this week, except for Thursday and Friday.  He’ll be ready for a break, as he’ll be ending a seven day work week, covering for others on vacation.


Here’s a picture thought I am sharing …  

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