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Dust Storms

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that we were in Phoenix on Saturday. It was a nice day, lunching and shopping with my cousin and visiting with David and his roommates, among other things. It was HOT! 114 degrees! That is just too hot!

On the way home we had been noticing signs of a dust storm rolling our way, specifically this:

Dust Storm

We decided it was time to pull off and let the dust storm roll through. We have seen too many accidents along that section of road due to dust storms and people trying to drive through them. So we pulled off and waited it out at a Starbucks. We checked the radar on our phones, heard the emergency alert alarm for the dust storm come over our phones about half an hour after we stopped, and then got back into the car and waited for the gust front to come through.

As we walked from Starbucks to our car, the wind was beginning to blow quite a bit and the dust in the air was making halos around the lights.

dust halos

And then the rain began to fall.

raining mud

I don’t think I’ve ever seen it rain mud before!

Once the initial front passed through, things settled down and we got back on the road. We ran into intermittent rain until just north of Tucson and then the sky was clear. The lightning going on all around us was quite spectacular, though! I wish I could have gotten a picture of that!

Amore Arizona – Desert Sunsets

Saturday we drove to Phoenix and visited with family, which is always nice. When we left home, the sun was shining brightly, but we could see low dark clouds all around us and sure enough, the snow began to fall just north of Huachuca City and continued until the outskirts of Tucson.

Falling snow in Arizona

And then we were back to sunshine!

Arizona desert

For most of the day it was sunny and very cool, especially by Phoenix standards. We did even have a little spell of raindrops on the windshield while in Phoenix, but not enough to even run the wipers.

On the return trip we were treated to the most spectacular sunset between Picacho Peak and Marana (north of Tucson). The mountains to the east were getting rain/snow and the setting sun cast its red hues on the clouds, making it appear like the mountains were on fire.

Arizona Mountain view

Arizona Mountain sunset "fire"

And the sunset was gorgeous!

Arizona sunset

Arizona sunset

These were taken from inside the car, going down the Interstate at 75 mph! The first two I took with my cell phone and the rest with my camera. The cell phone does a really good job and I may end up using that more than my camera! And yes, Bill was driving. If I had been driving, we’d have been camped out on an overpass taking pictures until dark!

This post is part of my Amore Arizona series that I mentioned in my post on Contentment,
in which I write about and post pictures of the things I love about Arizona.

Busy Weekend in Phoenix

We spent this past weekend in Phoenix for a multitude of ventures, all of which were successful! While Bill was taking another certification test (he passed), I spent a few hours shopping with my cousin Reb. She helped me hunt for crochet and crochet-jewelry-making supplies. I think she was a little too helpful! We visited three craft stores (none of which we have here in Sierra Vista) and here is what I brought home:

I still do not know what I’m doing or what I’m going to do, but I have ideas and the books here will help, I think. I purchased items with Miss Munchkin in mind, as she has requested jewelry (more heart necklaces) in dark pinks, purples and blues. She requested black also, but somehow I forgot about that! Anyway, I picked up a variety of types of threads/yarns and some beads and even some feathers, as Munchkin loves feathers.

Saturday evening we attended the Grand Canyon Square Dance Association Festival in Phoenix.

To help celebrate Arizona’s 100th birthday, the Grand Canyon Square Dance Association brought in Rex Allen Jr. for a small concert before the Saturday evening dancing. I really was not familiar with his music, but knew that his father, Rex Allen Sr., was one of the singing cowboys in the 1950s and I assumed his music might be similar. He sang some of his dad’s songs along with many of his own, some of which both Bill and I recognized from the 70s and 80s. We really enjoyed him and I will definitely be looking for more of his music in the future. If you ever get the chance to hear him, be sure to do so. He has a beautiful singing voice and gives a very entertaining concert.

In the spirit of my goal of contentment, I will post a link to Rex Allen Jr’s song, I Love You, Arizona. This song has been adopted as one of the official state songs and it is a beautiful song. It is also a nice showcase of Allen’s voice, along with some gorgeous pictures of Arizona.

Rex Allen Jr., I Love You, Arizona

Sunday we took David out for brunch, picked up some things at Trader Joe’s and The Vitamin Shoppe, and then headed home. I have declared we are not going anywhere next weekend! It is Speedweeks at Daytona, with the Daytona 500 on Sunday, and I am ready to stay put for a few days. Two weekends in a row driving around the state is enough!

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