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Weekly Overview May 9, 2016

front corner flowerbed

Outside My Window… I can see this front flowerbed from my office window, although today it is a rather wet and dreary looking.  In addition to the brilliant gold of the Solana Coreopsis, there is also a Sabine Baur Daylily (yet to bloom), a painted daisy, a pinkish-purple flowered lantana in the very corner (needs a good bit of growing yet!), and several ornamental sweet potato vines.  I sowed some cosmos seeds along the back edges, but I think they may have gotten washed away during one of our April storms.  I’m pleased with the way the flower bed is turning out – much prettier than the lone Knockout Rose bush that I had to pull (it had rose rosette disease).

I am thinking… About the number of items I was able to cross of my Garden To Do List this weekend.

I am thankful for… My lightning-fast new computer.

From the kitchen… I sorted through my spice racks this morning and made an order to Penzeys, taking advantage of their free jar of cinnamon Mother’s Day special.  White beans are soaking and later today I’ll also make up a batch of pinto beans.

I am wearing … Dark blue stretchy pants, turquoise t-shirt, blue Sketcher loafers.  No bling this morning.

I am hoping… To use some alone time this afternoon getting some more crocheting done on my afghan and watching another episode of The Story of God With Morgan Freeman on National Geographic channel.

I am reading… The White Princess, by Philippa Gregory, The Rosetta Key, by William Dietrich, and The End of Diabetes, by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

I am busy creating… Still crocheting my afghan.  And planning flower beds and containers.  Gardening seems to be filling my brain these days.

I am hearing… The microwave beeping (David is making something), the hum of several computers in the office, the washing machine spinning.

Around the house & garden…  More garden activities planned for later in the week, when it dries up a bit.  And there’s always house cleaning to be done!

In other news…We had a productive weekend.  I finished scrubbing down the pool walls and Bill vacuumed the pool on Saturday.  We mowed 2/3 of the lawn on Sunday and ran the battery down on the weedeater.  I hung flower baskets, potted plants, and generally enjoyed gardening.  I’ll post some pics later in the week.

One of my favorite things… Morning walks.  I am trying to get back into the habit of morning walks.  Friday, Saturday, Sunday, I managed to remember that fact.  This morning the weather is not cooperating at all.

Our Weekly Overview… 

Monday: Bill is working at home this morning and then will drive in to the office to meet his new boss at 1 p.m.  This is his second new boss in less than six months, so he’s been a little unsettled about the whole job situation lately.  David has work.  I’ll be finishing up the last agent website conversion this afternoon, and then enjoying a little solitude.

Tuesday: Bill works from home and David will be working.  Hopefully he’ll have that second interview sometime this week, as it was postponed last Friday.  I’ll spend time catching up on my accounts (Quicken) and tackle whatever paying work shows up in my Inbox.  Also plan on contacting a real estate agent in Alabama and try to get the ball rolling on selling our Alabama trailer property.

Wednesday: Bill works from home and David has a day off.  I will probably continue with Quicken and work to get the pile of papers on my desk table under control.  Maybe I will get some gardening done if the weather cooperates.

Thursday:  Bill works from home and David will be working.

Friday: Bill works from home and I think David has the day off.

Saturday: & Sunday:  Likely the usual, errands run, yard work, pool cleaning, race watching.  We are exciting on the weekends!

Here is picture thought I am sharing … A sign I saw in Hobby Lobby on Saturday.

voices sign

Trying New Recipes

Lately I have been trying a lot of new recipes as I embrace cooking vegan-style. Some of turned out very good and a couple were just so-so.

Here are two of the keepers:

  • Sweet Potato, Peanut, and Chipotle Soup from the Tasty Easy Healthy Green website.

    I really liked this soup. Pureeing the can of chipotle chiles was a pain, as was cleaning the blender afterwards so that I didn’t end up with chipotle flavored fruit smoothies! But once that was done, the rest of the recipe was pretty easy and well worth the effort. I ended up with quite a bit of the pureed chipotle mixture leftover to put in the freezer, but it will come in handy in many other recipes that might need just a little spice kick.

    I made a couple of small changes to the recipe. I didn’t use oil to do the sautéing, but just a small amount of water. I also did not use the yogurt, but I did put a dollop of sour cream on Bill’s serving. I almost added some corn, but instead I added a large handful of fresh chopped spinach into the mix about five minutes before serving. The color contrast between the orange of the soup and the dark green of the spinach was wonderful! A change I will make next time is to cook up one more sweet potato than the recipe called for.

    I liked the soup a great deal, but Bill had only a small serving to taste and then did not want more, so I guess it was not a hit with him. This will be one of those recipes that I make for my lunches – a pan of soup on Monday ought to last through five lunches!

  • Sweet Potato Burritos from Penzeys Spices website.

    My friend Carol from Life with Nin sent me this recipe and I love it! It is very easy to make, although it is a bit messy to eat.

    The only changes I made is that I left out the cilantro (I’m not a big fan of cilantro) and I tried using some non-dairy cheese, which I wasn’t happy with. It didn’t detract, but it didn’t add to the dish either. Later today,, when I make this recipe again, I will just leave the cheese / substitute cheese out. Yes, this is going to be my lunch today. I cooked up the black beans yesterday and will cook the sweet potato later this morning and lunch will be yummy! The reason I am making it for lunch is that, once again, Bill didn’t really care for this recipe. He has a real problem with a many flavors and ingredients mixed together, always has. He eats one thing on his plate until it is gone and then starts on the next item. It is so sad.

Here are 3 dishes that I am going to try soon, very soon: