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Penny the Dog

A week ago today our dog Penny went to doggie heaven. The last year had been a hard one on Penny, with many illnesses, a surgery, and a skin infection that just wouldn’t go away. Each illness seemed to take a little more out of her. The final straw was a saddle thrombosis, which cut off the blood supply going to her hind quarters. Rather than extensive and expensive treatments that really offered no hope of recovery, we made the difficult decision to have her put down.

We acquired Penny in the spring of 1997. She was one of a litter of nine or ten roly poly mixed breed puppies that were offered up in the local newspaper. She was a wonderful dog to have around children, loving to be mauled by little ones. And she was an especially good dog to have around cats; she loved cats and (mostly) they loved her. Winter days would find Penny lying on the deck surrounded by and covered by cats keeping warm. And even better than cats was the cat food! Penny surely did love cat food!

I know I have more pictures of her, but the only digital picture I could find was taken last year by Miss Munchkin.

Penny the Dog

RIP Penny.

Touched Worm!

Miss Munchkin had quite the scare last night while we were walking Penny. Lately she’s taken to picking up leaves, rocks, and sticks, carrying them for a ways and then dropping them as she sees something else more intriguing (rocks, though, quite often get brought home, but that’s a genetic thing – her Uncle David has four boxes of rocks packed and stored back in Alabama!). Last night she was lagging behind Bill and me, merrily picking up sticks, when we heard this heartrending shriek. We looked back and Miss Munchkin was standing stock still, hands up in the air, with a look of terror on her face.

“Worm! Touched Worm!”

A stick she tried to pick up turned out to be a very long worm, which began wriggling the second she touched it. She does not like worms, never has. Frogs are fine, grasshoppers, butterflies, all are fine, but not worms and not caterpillars. The whole rest of the evening she had to tell us over and over again about the worm.

“Touched worm. Me scared. Me don’t like worms. Pick up sticks. Touched worm.”

I am sure we’ll hear about it all day today too, and many days to come. Miss Munchkin tends to fixate on one experience, one idea, for days. I wonder if she’ll be so quick to pick up sticks tonight when we go walking!

Tallahassee Parks and Museums

We did go to Wakulla Springs State Park last Sunday, but it was not a very successful venture. David went along rather unwillingly, taking his paper and pen with him, not planning on swimming, not ever wearing shorts. He sat under a tree the whole time we were there. Bill’s heels were hurting him again, so he was in pain and a bit out of sorts. When we got to the park and he saw how many people were there and how many people were in the swimming area, he decided not to go swimming and sat on a park bench away from the water, sweltering in the heat. Plus the little black no see’ems bugs are out right now and they just love him, so he spent the whole time batting them away from his face.

I did get wet and yes, the water was very cold. Something like the temperature of Seneca Lake in July (and I rarely found Seneca Lake warm enough to swim in even in late August!).

Looking south on Seneca Lake, New York

I waded in to my thighs and then got splashed a bit by Kat and Miss Munchkin, which actually felt good, as it was a very hot day. Kat got in all the way and Miss Munchkin did too, although she would wade out a bit, play for a bit, and then announce “too cold” and head back to the shore. After about half an hour, we took pity on the guys and headed home. Then we girls went to the pool and enjoyed the water there!

Wakulla Springs is a lovely place, though, and I wish I had remembered my camera. It would be fun place to go to picnic and for Miss Munchkin to play on the playground and maybe even do some walking trails, when it is cooler in the fall. Plus they have glass-bottomed boat tours, which would be interesting.

Last night Kat and Miss Munchkin went to a concert at a local church, where they had a great time. Bill and I and Penny did our evening walk in Southwood and since we didn’t have the toddler in tow, we set a pretty good pace. Poor Penny was pooped when we reached the car and this morning she didn’t want to go out for her morning walk. I can’t blame her. Between the swimming and walking this week, my body is tired too!

Tonight we are going to visit the Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science (MOAS). Every third Thursday the museum waives the admission fees in the evening. I need a place to take Miss Munchkin occasionally when it’s too hot to be outside and she needs some new mental stimulation. So we are going to check the museum out and see if it is worthy of a membership. They have a Brogan Buddies science program for preschoolers, but I am not sure she is quite ready for that yet. We spent part of this morning matching up lower case letters (wooden puzzle pieces) to lower case letters on a sheet of paper that I printed off. We had all but five letters matched up when she lost interest and cleared all the puzzle letters off the paper.

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