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Weekly Overview March 10, 2014


A geranium that survived the winter.

Outside My Window… I have a geranium that survived the winter.

I am thinking… that I really should have eaten more sensibly last night when we went out to dinner.

I am thankful for… Pandora.com

From the kitchen… the dishes are piled up while potatoes and spaghetti squash await baking.

I am hoping… I hardly dare hope what I’m hoping.

I am reading… The Fitzgeralds and the Kennedys, An American Saga by Doris Kearns Goodwin.

I am busy creating… cross stitching on Liana’s birthday blanket.

I am hearing… It Might Be You by Stephen Bishop on my Barry Manilow Pandora station, the floor fan running to keep me cool, and the house air conditioning unit.

Around the house & garden… I already tackled the Monday vacuuming, litter box cleaning and trash removal so I’m all ready for the trash pickup tomorrow. Last week I cleaned up about half of the backyard from last fall’s growing season; I plan to get the rest cleaned up sometime this week and hopefully tackle some more of the front yard. Today marks 7 days scorpion free, both inside and in the garage!

In other news… I bought daffodils and tulips last Thursday. I have three bouquets scattered about the house. Well worth the $14.00 I paid! Bill and I went out to dinner with friends last night (new restaurant, no plant-based entrees) and then back to their house to play cards for a bit. We had a good time.

daffodils and tulips

Daffodils and Tulips

One of my favorite things… cut flowers.

Weekly Overview… No appointments this week, so just the usual mid-week grocery run will probably be my only venture out the door. This week is tax week and cross-stitch week. We have TurboTax downloaded and the Quicken files transferred, so now it is just sitting down and actually doing it.

Liana’s blanket is coming along nicely. There are three poles of carousel horses – I have one pole completely done and two-thirds of the second completed. I worked another two hours on it this morning. I really do need to block Kat’s purple shawl yet; maybe I can fit that in sometime this week.

September Goals

My September goals are much smaller and more personal than my August goals (which I feel were probably 90% successfully attained). I am currently reading The Happiness Project at the urging of my friend Missus Wookie and I am so glad that she recommended it to me. It is definitely a book that I am going to keep and reread frequently. More importantly, it is a book that is giving me concrete ideas of small changes I can make to my life that may have a large impact. So this month’s goals are, in large part, my own small “happiness project.”

Goal One – Sing out loud every day. When I was a teenager, no day was complete without putting an LP on my stereo, cranking up the volume, and singing aloud to every song on the record. I miss that. I have music playing all day long, but I rarely sing aloud anymore, and even more rarely do I sing really, really loud! Some days I feel like I am losing memory of what my own voice sounds like. So for this month, I will be digging out some of my LPs, finding good sing-a-long stations on Pandora, and just generally getting back in touch with my singing voice. Already these first few days I notice that I am happier after even just a few minutes of singing. That’s a good thing!

Goal Two – Play more with making jewelry, both crocheted and beaded. It is just plain fun!

Goal Three – Set up an Etsy store. My daughter Kat gave me a good store name and so there is no more excuses! I don’t anticipate having hundreds of items to sell there, because I get great joy from giving away so much of what I make, but there is always some overflow that I know I could list in an Etsy store and it might help recoup some of the cost of my projects.

Goal Four – Get back into the habit of daily exercise, whether it is dancing or walking or yoga or just anything. I was sad to learn that the yoga class I participated in last winter will not be starting back up in October, as I really enjoyed the class and discovered that I really enjoy yoga in general, but not having a class is not an excuse for not doing anything on my own. I have many options available. I just have to pick something and DO IT!!!

And that is probably enough goals for one month. I really wanted to take an online photography class that Missus Wookie recommended, but I may have jury duty in Tucson later this month that could go on for two weeks. I decided that trying to do any sort of formal class while possibly spending two weeks on jury duty just would not add to my happiness!

Counting down …

The guppies are disappearing by groups and batches almost daily. If you add them all up, I believe the total comes to somewhere around 100 that I have given away. One last bunch will go tomorrow, approximately 15 or so, and then all that will be left are the little babies that are too small to catch. With any luck I will be able to find someone to take those when they get a bit bigger. And then I will be ready to begin anew with some other breed of fish!

Counting down …

The days until Miss Munchkin comes back home. Actually this will be my last day of quiet and solitude, as tomorrow is Veteran’s Day and the other inhabitants of the house have no school or no work. So I am enjoying today, trying to mark off more on the “get done before Fiona comes home” list, which somehow keeps magically regenerating itself. As quickly as I mark something done, I think of something else that should be added. Oh well. At least I have accomplished quite a bit the past three weeks, although I have not done nearly the website work that I had planned. Somehow other things seemed more pressing. Maybe it is because I have figured out that I really can work on the website while she is here!

Counting up …

The reasons I like, no, take that back, the reasons I love my new computer!

  1. I can listen to Pandora! Ah, the Partidge Family and The Monkees never sounded so good!
  2. I can watch videos!
  3. I can list items on E-bay all day long and not have to reboot every half hour.
  4. I can open an email so quickly that I no longer have time to go get a drink of water.
  5. I can leave mIRC on all the time so I can see if someone pops into the Homeschool Chat room.
  6. I can now print in color, since the new computer was not compatible with the old scanner, so now I have a new scanner/color printer.
  7. I can play Wordscraper on Facebook and have the game board appear almost instantaneously.
  8. I can visit NASCAR.com and SPEEDtv.com without having my computer freeze up.
  9. I can visit my children’s MySpace pages without my computer freezing up.

Best of all, so far, any way, is that I have not lost any data or programs in the move from old to new! Hurray!