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Palo Verde Blossoms – 365 – 147

The Palo Verde trees are just beginning to blossom here in Sierra Vista. Remember the pictures I posted back in April of all the Palo Verde trees in bloom at ASU Polytechnic Campus? That shows how cooler we are here in Sierra Vista than in Phoenix. Those pictures were taken April 22nd and this was taken May 26th. Almost exactly five weeks difference … and the trees in Phoenix had blossomed so long that blossoms were dropping everywhere, while these here are just beginning to pop open.

Paint the World Gold – 365 – 115

We spent Friday in Phoenix, touring the ASU Polytechnic Campus.

Palo Verde in bloom

It was a beautiful campus, made doubly so by the fact that the Palo Verde trees are in full bloom.

palo verde blossoms

Everywhere you walk, you crush yellow blossoms that have fallen from the trees.

palo verde

Taken from the third floor of one of the classroom buildings, looking down on a palo verde tree. You can see their golden blossoms covering the sidewalks in the upper left.

Superstition Mountains

Looking down on the Student Union from the third floor of one of the classroom buildings out towards the Superstition Mountains to the east of Phoenix.

Superstition Mountains

Same vantage point, just zooming in a bit.


More gold, but definitely not palo verde blossoms!

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