With the knowledge that a morning walk always improves my day, I am beginning a new theme, the Monday Morning Walk. Each week I’ll post pictures from my Monday morning walk, with the intentions of also walking the other mornings of the week. But at least my week will start out with sunshine and photographs, two of my favorite things. Hope you don’t mind my bringing you along!

Freeze Damage

dying palm trea

Along with several varieties of cactus, the palms in the area did not fare well with last month’s zero temperatures.

palm tree

palm tree

I think this palm was small enough that the owners must have covered it to protect it from freezing. This is what the palms should look like, green, not brown.


The two cacti on the right were damaged by the freeze and the owners have trimmed them back to their core.

Huachuca Mountains

Huachuca Mountains

From the main thoroughfare behind our neighborhood.

Huachuca Mountains

The view between two houses in the neighborhood. The snow that we had a week ago has mostly melted away and since the temperatures are forecasted to continue being 70s and 80s, I suspect the remaining snow won’t last much longer.

Lizards and Birds


A decorative lizard on the side of a house.

birds on a wire

Signs of Spring

365 – 066

winter berries

The birds have a few winter berries left.

rose bush

Rose bush new growth.

Pine tree

Pine tree new growth.

flowering branches

The only plant in bloom I saw in my forty minute walk. Hopefully next week’s walk with show more signs of spring!