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Monday Morning Walk May 9 – 365 – 129

It was a short walk this morning, due to it being so windy, but I found several things to take pictures of!

mimosa tree

Our mimosa tree in the front yard is beginning to show signs of growth, even after the radical trim job it received in March.

cactus blossoms

A cactus whose blossoms look just like rose buds!

American flag

See how the flag stands straight out? Did I mention it was windy?


Blossoms that look like snapdragons but are on a tree!

tree in bloom

The tree with snapdragon-like blossoms.

Ocotillo cactus in bloom

An Ocotillo Cactus in bloom.

Ocotillo cactus blossoms

Orange-colored flame-like flowers on the tips of the ocotillo cactus limbs. Notice the blimp in the background.

Huachuca Mountains

The Huachuca Mountains. Notice the lighter green showing towards the top? That appeared a couple of weeks ago, a very bright green. I suspect that is new leaf growth on trees, contrasting with the darker green/brown of the cedars that grow on the mountain.

flowering bush

A pretty blossoming bush that is very common here, but I don’t have a clue what it is called.

flower garden

A lovely display of flowers in a front yard, highlighted by an iris in the background. There are not many irises growing around here, but every now and then you see a few.


And one last flowering something … these grow all over the place and I’ve seen them in Florida also. They must like sandy soil and not care whether it is wet or dry.

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

On our way home from Yuma last weekend, we decided to take the scenic route, which added about 100 miles to our trip. It was a good thing we picked up lunch at Gila Bend and packed lots of water and snacks, because once you headed south off I-8 towards Ajo, services of any sort were extremely limited.

Our drive took us near the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument and we had debated whether to take the side trip to the monument, as we were so close. Since it really isn’t on the way to anywhere and we were not likely to be headed that way again for some time, we decided it was now or never.

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument entrance

picnic area

The picnic area at the Kris Eggle Visitor Center where we ate our lunch.

The Kris Eggle Visitor Center

The Kris Eggle Visitor Center.

nature trail

Walking east along the nature trail outside the Kris Eggle Visitor Center. Those are the Ajo Mountains in the background.

organ pipe cacti

Organ pipe cacti on the right and in the fore center, with a ocotillo cactus (what looks like dead twigs sticking up) on the left of the organ pipe cactus and a saguaro cactus in the center back.

cholla cactus

A cholla cactus along the natural trail.

ocotillo cacti

Two ocotillo cacti. At times these will have small green leaves on them

view of Ajo Mountains

Looking east towards the Ajo Mountains at one of the roadside stops in the park.

rock strata

Heading north out of the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, I snapped this picture of the Ajo Mountains through the passenger side window. Aren’t the colors of the rock strata cool?

Due to a late start and the fact that we were tired from a busy weekend, we did not stay as long as I would have liked. There were two scenic drives and some hiking paths that would have been fun to explore. So perhaps we will have to make a second trek when we have more time. If so, we definitely will want to do it during the cooler winter months; it was plenty warm that day as it was!

I will be posting more pictures from the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in the next few days, so be sure check back.