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June 2018 Goals Wrap Up

I’m a little late with my June Goals Wrap-up. June was a busy month!

Green = Successful, Purple = Partially successful, Red = Not accomplished at all.

  • Surviving Jr Master Naturalist camp (every morning) the first week of June (I even had fun!!)
  • Keep Quicken caught up for 2018
  • Prepare for house guests later in June, including putting away yarn and Christmas boxes in the guest room
  • Plan some fun outings for the last two weeks of June while Kat, Fiona, Freddy, and Blackie are visiting – they were only here for one week and it was so very hot, they didn’t want to do anything
  • Work towards finishing the auction/probate legal stuff on my dad’s estate
  • Complete DCMGA Newsletter for July 2nd publication date
  • Continue regular blogging here on Musings, Mischief, and Mayhem
  • Continue walking / exercising – more swimming & yard work than walking
  • 100% ETL and continued weight loss – I have a major weight goal to reach by June 17th – I did make my goal, briefly, and then bounced back up a couple of pounds. This seems to be my normal pattern. Then it takes another 2-3 weeks to get back down to that goal weight, and then I can begin losing more. Odd, but that seems to be what happens every time.
  • Set up the plant terrarium for my begonia cuttings/rootings
  • Finish one picture project – the one for Mom’s very belated Mother’s Day gift
  • Decide on paint color for new inside wall of the bonus room with help from Kat & Fiona

Time to set some July goals!!

January 2013 Highlight Reel

In January, there were memories to preserve:

  • Munchkin has gotten so good at writing/typing/spelling that we were able to have an hour and a half Skype conversation, all in words. I see many more conversations in our future.
  • We spent a pleasant couple of hours in early January with Bill’s cousins in Tempe, having lunch and catching up on family news.
  • David spent the Christmas / New Year’s holidays with us. David and I spent an afternoon in Bisbee, eating lunch, walking the downtown and window shopping. It was great fun. I took several pictures of the snow falling – it was cold that day! We had a pleasant time together, as we always do.

In January, there were things that deserved editing:

  • Charles had a very serious bout of food poisoning in January, so severe that he was hospitalized for two days. These are the times when I most dislike living so far away. All you can do is hope and pray and wait for updates. Luckily he recovered and was able to be back to work a week later, but it was still a very scary time.
  • My Uncle Kent’s memorial service was held on January 3rd, a very sad way to begin 2013. It was held in New York, so I was not there, but I was glad that my brother Eric and my mom both were able to attend and represent the family. Having lost my father less than two years ago, I know what my cousins Roberta and Rebecca are going through and I think about them every day, holding them in my heart and sending hugs and love.

In January, there were the moments that hold our lives together:

  • I had yearly lab work done to check on my thyroid levels and a follow-up doctor’s visit. Other than cutting back on some sweets/breads and losing a little weight, his advice was to have a better year in 2013 than I had in 2012 with a lot less stress.
  • January was full of usual things like getting the car serviced, my having a cavity filled, a bathroom sink replaced, and the furnace not working one morning (nothing serious, just the new furnace is very fussy about dirty – or even slightly dirty – filters!).
  • I signed up for a weekly FarmBox of fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables. We received our first box the last week of January and I was quite pleased with it. I have wanted to do something like this for years, but never had the opportunity. It is a good feeling to be supporting local farmers.
  • I completed two crochet projects – a granny square Christmas stocking and a granny square lapghan. I also worked on a couple of crocheted jewelry projects, which I will be posting about here in February.

In January, there were mountains climbed:

  • My anxiety issues seem to be fading away. I’m not sure exactly what has helped – walking daily, adding more protein into my diet, the natural supplement kicking in better – but whatever it was, I have not had any symptoms since New Year’s Eve, for which I am grateful.
  • My one big goal this year was to walk daily, and while I’m not yet at 100% success, I did manage 23 walks in the 31 days of January.
  • My desk has remained (mostly) clean and neat and I have been working diligently on getting Quicken up to date (after procrastinating the first two weeks of the month).
  • I participated in a “Values” workshop at Thirty Day Focus, which was a very worthwhile experience. I discovered a few things about myself, had other things reinforced, and ended January with a much better outlook than I began the month. I highly recommend Thirty Day Focus and will likely take another of their monthly workshops later in the year.

In January, there were pitfalls to overcome:

  • We have been trying to cut back on desserts (sweets) and lower our carb intake this month. I sent a huge care box to David full of items we shouldn’t be eating. So far, mixed results. But each day is a new day to begin again.
  • It seems like every January is a stressful one on Bill’s job front and this has January has been no exception. He says it is months like these that make driving truck seem like a really good alternative.
  • I continue to have to deal with many issues concerning my dad’s estate and I will have to make another trip to Alabama soon, possibly the end of February, definitely by mid-March. His house is empty now, so there is some cleaning out of personal effects that needs to be done, along with lining up an auctioneer for a sale later in the year.

April 2011 Highlight Reel

In April, there were memories to preserve:

  • Bill and I celebrated our birthdays (both in April) by taking a long weekend trip. We drove to Cottonwood, took the Verde Canyon Railroad train trip in Clarkdale, and did a drive through Sedona and up Oak Creek Canyon before heading home. A busy three days. We even packed in a quick stop in Phoenix to visit with my cousin Roberta and her family. Even though it was a cold, wet weekend, we had a great time and will definitely try to travel up that way again.
  • Spending several days visiting with Ed &Helen Raynor, square dancing friends from our Alabama years.
  • Hummingbird Banding at the San Pedro House.
  • Touring ASU Polytechnic Campus in Phoenix with David.
  • Driving up Carr Canyon, or at least partway up, and then chickening out and turning around. What a view, though, from even partway up!

In April, there were things that deserved editing:

  • The April 27 tornadoes that devastated parts of Alabama and other southeastern states. We have so many friends and family there that were impacted by the storms that day; some were simply inconvenienced by days without power, others suffered minimal damage, while some lost their homes and businesses. We are grateful that no one we knew was among the hundreds killed in Alabama.
  • Bill’s job hunt intensified as it became more obvious that the contract recompete might not even get awarded. At this point we have narrowed our search to here in Sierra Vista (highly unlikely, given the current government budget situation) and Phoenix, although Bill is also talking with a company in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. That position might allow us to live anywhere we would like, which would be wonderful!

In April, there were the moments that hold our lives together:

  • One last cavity filled for me. That leaves a cleaning in May and then I’m home free (or is that “dentist free”?) for six months!
  • More blood work done to retest my thyroid levels and then a readjustment of the medicine (again!). The good thing is I think we’re getting the dosage about right because I am sleeping sooooo very well now! No more hot flashes all night long like I was having in March. Yipppee!
  • Unfortunately, for various reasons (out of town, visitors, etc.), we only made it to square dancing one Friday out of five this month and I didn’t make it to clogging at all. Hopefully we’ll have better attendance in May.

In April, there were mountains climbed:

In April, there were pitfalls to overcome:

  • I meant to have 2011 Quicken up to date by the end of April, but the job hunt and other things prevented this. I’m mostly caught up, but just need to fine tune some early entries and then add in April’s receipts.
  • Again, no progress with my LeapingFromTheBox.com website or LeapingFromTheBox.com blog. When I checked yesterday, I was stunned to see that my last blog entry there was in early March. I know the reason I am not working on it is because I have mentally moved on from homeschooling, but the Leaping website is making me money every month, so I really should devote some time keeping it current.

My favorite picture this month
I took a lot of pictures in April, including over 500 during our birthday getaway weekend. As I scrolled through all that I posted here on the Musings, Mischief and Mayhem blog I realized that I did not post up my favorite picture of all, so here it is!

David, taken at the Hummingbird Banding:

David Gibson

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