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Monday Morning Walk, March 28 – 365 – 087

It is another beautiful sunny morning in southeastern Arizona. It was about 55 degrees when I started my walk at 8:40 this morning, but there was no wind and the sun quickly warmed me up. So, what did I see this morning? The first thing I saw was the blimp rising in the sky.

Sierra Vista blimp

Signs of Spring

There were many more signs of spring this week, although not very many flowers yet. Mostly I saw greening trees and palms.


New growth on a cactus.

palm tree

A palm greening up.

palm tree

A close-up of the top of the same palm tree.

yellow flowering bush

A bush with pretty yellow flowers. This was one of the early flowers I saw here last spring.


These were about the only flowers I saw in my half hour walk, other than a lone iris here and there.


Green! This lawn is green all year round and one of the very few that are actually green.

Huachuca Mountains

Last Monday night’s storm added some snow to the top of the Huachuca Mountains, but I think it has mostly melted away.

Huachuca Mountains

Huachuca Mountains

Shining Suns

This morning I noticed how many houses have decorative suns on their outside walls. They come in all sorts and sizes.

decorative sun

decorative sun

decorative sun

decorative sun

decorative sun

Corner Tree

Last Monday I took a picture of the tree across the corner from our house. You can see that it has leafed out a good bit more during the past week.


Monday Morning Walk, March 21 – 365 – 080

My Monday Morning Walk today consisted of stepping outside my front door and snapping a few shots of the trees moving. It is WINDY out today. We’re talking sustained winds of 18 mph and gust up to 33 mpg. We supposed to have rain tonight, but I’ll believe that when I see it, since we’ve not had any rain since September.

It is difficult to show how much the wind is blowing in a picture, but maybe I can do so in a series of pictures!







These trees reminded me of serpents from the deep rising to eat a ship, so I played some with the color saturation and cropped them a bit and voila!

tree serpents

tree serpents

The past week has been upper 70s, lower 80s and leaves have popped open everywhere. This tree across the street was bare last week and look at It this morning!


Tomorrow I drive to Tombstone to meet a cousin for lunch. So I should have some nice pictures of Tombstone to post, provided the weather cooperates.

Monday Morning Walk, March 14 – 365 – 073

I took such a long walk yesterday morning and took so many pictures (over 100) that I didn’t have enough time to sort through the pictures AND write the blog post. So this is being posted a day late. Actually, this is the first time I missed a day’s posting since I began The Mommytography’s 365 Project. Pretty amazing!

It was a gorgeous morning yesterday and quite a bit warmer than last Monday. We’ve been having temps reach the 80s for the past week, which is about 10 – 15 degrees warmer than is normal for mid-March. It has made it rather warm in our house, since our evaporative cooling system is not turned on yet (and won’t be for at least another month), so I’m hoping it will go back down to more seasonable temperatures.

Even though it’s been warmer than usual, though, I was surprised that I saw only a few more signs of spring.

Signs of Spring


irrigating a yard

A front yard being Irrigated. I love how the sun caught the water drops spraying around.

If you want anything to grow in your front yard, other than cactus, you have to irrigate. During the winter I run our front yard system twice a week for about 20 minutes each time. Now that it has warmed up, I should run it three times a week, but I really only remember to do it on trash pick-up days, so that is two days a week (Tuesdays and Fridays) and so I run it for about 50 minutes each time. You would think it would make a huge impact on the water bill, but it really didn’t. What impacted it more was watering the back yard grass, something which I need to begin doing again also.

flowering plant

closeup of flowering plant

I don’t know what this plant is (lantana?), but it is a lovely combination of yellow and green.

tree blossoms

More tree blossoms.

tree leafing out

This and a willow were the only trees I found that were greening up and leafing out.

willow tree

Willows are not very common around here; usually we only see them near the San Pedro River. The owners must spend a fair bit of money paying for water for this tree!

magnolia tree leaves

Magnolia tree leaves close up. My dad has a beautiful magnolia tree in his yard in Alabama and I always found it curious that the tree blossoms at the same time that it drops its leaves. But it stays green all winter and only drops a portion of its leaves in the fall and another portion in the spring. A mess y tree, but beautiful too!

ocotillo cactus

No sign of spring here! This is an ocotillo cactus and it will grow very small green leaves when it receives some moisture.

Huachuca Mountains

The snow is almost gone on the mountain top. Compare this picture to the Monday Morning Walk March 7th picture. Last year we had a very visible covering of snow on the mountain until mid-May, so you can see that we have had a much milder winter this year.

Wall Art

road runner wall art

I received several comments about the lizard picture in last week’s Morning Walk post that I decided to capture some more creatures on camera. Here you see a road runner, which is a popular decoration. Probably one third of the houses have some sort of ceramic or metal decoration on their outside walls.

lizard wall art

Another lizard.

butterfly wall art

Two very pretty butterflies.

havelina wall art

A havelina family.

lizard wall art

And yet another lizard.

fox lawn art

And this guy isn’t exactly wall art, but part of a pair of foxes sitting one on each side of a driveway. Cute, isn’t he?

More Freeze Damage

dead succulent

Another succulent that didn’t survive the zero temps last month.


And one that did survive!

weather station

A weather station that I am sure was busy recording temperatures during last month’s freeze.

roof ready to shingle

A very common sight here. Many houses are roofed with ceramic tiles, but an equal number use shingles and with the prevalent west wind and occasionally fierce storms, we’ve seen many houses reshingled since we moved here a year and a half ago.

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