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Snowflake Ornaments 2016

Each Christmas I give my granddaughters hand-crocheted snowflakes to hang on their Christmas trees.  These snowflakes have their initials and the year embroidered on them.  I started this tradition in 2013, and at least one year I made double the snowflakes, with the plan being that eventually they will have two snowflakes for every year from birth to 18 years old.

The last couple of years I have gotten smart and crocheted the snowflakes in late December, early January for the coming year, while Christmas is on my brain.  It has saved some last minute scrambling, that’s for sure!

This year I chose the Snoqualmie Snowflake pattern from Snowcatcher.net, where I have found many beautiful snowflake patterns.

Liana’s 2016 Snowflakes

Liana’s 2016 Snowflakes


Fiona’s 2016 Snowflakes

Fiona’s 2016 Snowflakes


I wonder what the 2017 snowflakes will look like?

Busy Picture Fun

Bill has been gone all week for work and I thought I’d be posting every day, but as you can see, that hasn’t happened.  I seem to be keeping really busy, partly working on Christmas gifts and partly dealing with unexpected changes in the Benefits Package offered by Bill’s company.  Normally we make those decisions in April for a June 1st effective day, but the company announced last week they are changing to a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) and thus we have to sort new options and make decisions by December 12th.  Crazy!  So I’ve been reading through the material sent and sitting in on 2.5 hours of seminars so far.  And once we get the Health & such benefits decided on the 12th, we have another 7 days to learn about the switchover for the 401Ks.  Ugh.  Definitely not what I wanted to be doing in December!

The fun part of this week has been sorting through pictures from the last year and making some Shutterfly orders for prints, wall art, and Christmas ornaments.  So, with that in mind, I’m sharing school pictures of my lovely granddaughters from 2016.


Fiona (a.k.a. Miss Munchkin) Fifth Grade October 2016

Fiona (a.k.a. Miss Munchkin)
Fifth Grade
October 2016


Liana (a.k.a. Miss Wiggles) PreK3 April 2016

Liana (a.k.a. Miss Wiggles)
April 2016

We won’t be seeing them this year for Christmas, but we will be Skyping. And planning visits this coming summer. Life is good.

Old and New Crochet Projects

I finished Liana’s birthday blanket, but I am only going to show a small portion of it right now. I’ll post a picture of the whole blanket after her birthday.

Cross Stitched Name

Bottom portion of Liana’s birthday blanket.

I really love how her name stands out and am so very pleased with the entire finished blanket.

There is always a feeling of loss when I finish a big project like that, sort of like reading a long series of books that finally comes to an end. You just don’t want it to end, you grew to like the characters, and what will you read next? I’m sure you know what I am talking about. So you won’t be surprised that it only took me about six hours from finishing the blanket to planning the next project!

new granny square project

Granny Square project

And it took less than 24 hours to make fifty some beginning granny squares for the next project. I’ve a few more blue squares to go, as that will be the predominant color throughout, and then I will use white to join them all together. The goal is to use as much of the leftover yarn as possible from Liana’s blanket, while not making more squares than I have white yarn to join them together! That’s a lot of guestimating and (hopefully good) luck involved!

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