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November Goals

November seems to be a month for goal setting and official Challenges, which seems a little crazy, considering the Thanksgiving holiday creating havoc at the end of the month. One of the popular Challenges that I have joined in past years is NaNo, National Novel Writing Month. While I enjoyed participating, I hadn’t even given it any thought this year and only just last night remembered it. I don’t have any pressing fiction ideas and even less time for writing, so NaNo for me this year.

What I have joined is a couple of exercise challenges on Facebook. One is a 30 day walking challenge, where you set a monthly goal and log your daily progress. I’ve joined a couple of these already this fall and have found them to be fun. The other challenge is to complete 30 minutes of exercising every day in November. I figured the two of those would complement each other. My walking goal is 60 miles over the course of the month and, in order to complete that, I’ll need to walk 2 miles a day, which at my present rate of walking, would be about 36 minutes of exercise.

I’m hopeful that these exercise challenges will keep me on track with my weight loss goals. I did very well losing weight in August/September, when I walked daily. In October, my walking was hit or miss and I didn’t lose any weight. I didn’t gain, but I didn’t lose either. So I’m stepping it up!

My other two goals in November is get 1) get my Quicken accounts caught back up again (I’m behind by 2 months, I believe) and 2) work 1 hour per week day on my website. I’m hopeful that this will be the first year ever that I don’t have to input a whole year’s worth of receipts into Quicken in order to do taxes. And I absolutely have to do some major work on my website or it’s in danger of becoming sadly unhelpful, uninformative, and unproductive.

Are you setting any goals for November?

Music Therapy

I’ve been in a bit of a funk the last week or so. I know it has to do with the four-year anniversary of living in Arizona, combined with the slow, ever-so-slow progress (lack of progress?) on the job hunting front (I really thought we’d be moved by now!). The government shutdown and concerns about Bill’s job also factor into it. Yes, he is working, and for that I am grateful, but who knows what will happen in the next week or two? All together, those have kicked up my anxiety a bit, enough so that I’ve started taking Reloraagain. Throw in the fact that the days are cooler, nights are cooler, winter is just around the corner (and the holidays!), and this month marks one full year since I’ve seen Miss Munchkin and I am just plain grumpy.

So, this morning I’m doing some music therapy. I’ve got Carpenters Gold (CD)playing, since I need something to sing along to. Music always helps improve my mood (or augment it, as the case may be), but singing will help pull me out of funk and it is something I have been trying to do more of. My standing desk is helping me some, since I also find myself bouncing and dancing to the music while standing at the computer.

On the plus side, I am keeping busy, even through the anxiety and grumpiness. I have made great progress on my Granny Hexagon afghan/bedspread and I should be posting a picture of the finished project by the end of the week. I am still not tired of the project, which is sort of amazing, since it is practically the only thing I have worked on (crocheting) since the last week of August. It will be a good thing to get it finished, though, because I really do need to work on some other upcoming gift items. And I need to get back to finishing my skirt featured on last Friday’s Just A Moment.

I have also been cooking a good bit, trying some new vegan and vegetarian dishes, since I have David here to help me eat them. My Quicken is almost up to date, or rather it was up to date two weeks ago, and some accounts are current now, but I do need to work on the major bank account/checkbook this week and get that caught up. And I’ve also been working diligently on updating content, link checking and other housekeeping with my LeapingFromTheBox.com website.

Maybe I’ll take a walk outside this noon and take my camera with me, although the way the wind is blowing, it might be a short walk! If I do, I’ll find something cool to snap a picture of and post here tomorrow.

Soft Waves Baby Blanket

You may have noticed that there were no posts last week. I have been quite busy lately working on my LeapingFromTheBox.com website and, as usual, I do one thing very well. My focus was so entirely on making updates to the website that I would run out of time each day before remembering that I hadn’t posted anything.

In addition to website work, I was also crocheting a lot! I started a baby blanket on a Friday and finished it eight days later. I was quite pleased with how it turned out:

Soft Waves Baby Blanket

The pattern is Soft Waves Baby Blanket from Red Heart. It worked up quickly and was quite easy to do. This blanket is for friends who just had their very first grandchild. Since it is so adaptable to any color scheme, I think I will use the pattern again for the next blanket I need to make, for a cousin’s grandchild that is due in November.

Again, as usual, I do one thing very well, to the exclusion of all else. I worked on this lovely blanket to the exclusion of the blanket I am making for Liana’s Christmas present. I guess I had best hold off starting a new blanket until I get several more rows done on Liana’s!

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