Not already! Is it really March 12th? What happened to the first half of March?! Oh, that’s right. Nothing in particular. Just Life. Life happened. For instance:

  1. My refrigerator conked out. Luckily, all I had to do was call maintenance and they came and replaced it. But that took a few hours and in the meantime all my frozen items sat in a cooler and box, covered with afghans. The contents of the refrigerator section waited until the new frig was in its way and then they went into bags, all sitting on the balcony. Luckily it was a cool day and I didn’t lose anything.

    refrigerator and freezer contents
  2. Charles tested last Saturday at Kenpo Karate. He skipped a belt level, so is now an orange belt. Now that he is attending classes more regularly, I imagine he will progress up to at least a purple belt fairly quickly.
  3. A week ago last Sunday Dad and Mary suddenly appeared on my doorstep. Well, they did call first, from across town as they were checking into their motel room. Dad said he had sent me an email on Saturday telling me they were on their way, but I never received it. I wonder who is still expecting him to arrive! They visited Sunday night and again on Monday. Monday morning they went bike riding on the St. Mark’s Historic Railroad State Trail and then were here for the rest of the day.
  4. I already wrote earlier about our visit to the Tallahassee Museum of History and Natural Science. Here are some more pictures from that day.

    A decent picture of David


    … and a not so decent picture of Charles. He has this aversion to cameras and seems to manage to always turn his head or hide in some way when I have the camera out.


    I was absolutely fascinated by the cypress swamp area, the way the light played on the Spanish moss and the tree trunks.

    Cypress Trees

    One of the resident bobcats.


    One panther

    Florida Panther

    Two panthers. Shall we keep this G-rated?

    Two Florida Panthers

    And one last, of Miss Munchkin, who turned two last Friday.

    Miss Munchkin
  5. What I didn’t write about from that day was the fantastic homemade chocolate cake we had that night to celebrate Miss Munchkin’s birthday. Of course, you cannot have chocolate cake without vanilla ice cream! Grandma and Miss Munchkin had to have a bowl of leftover cake and ice cream on Thursday night and Friday night. Thankfully the cake was then gone, but not before Grandma put back on two of the four and a half pounds she had lost the week before. So this week, it is back to the South Beach Diet and more walking!
  6. We took Miss Munchkin home on Saturday. She spent from Wednesday night till Saturday afternoon here without Mommy or Daddy, and that was about one day too many. By Friday evening she was dragging me to the door and saying “home.”

And now I have managed to fritter away most of the morning, sorting through pictures and posting up this blog entry. Procrastination at its finest! Anything to avoid tackling our taxes!