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Just A Moment – Twenty-Four

Friday ritual inspired by other blogs. A single photo from this past week…. few to no words…. just a moment captured in time.

If you feel inspired to share…. leave a link in the comments with your moment.


Take Your Daughter to Work Day



My daughter, Katriona Skye, and granddaughter Fiona at Dreamspinner Press.

I love the matching t-shirts and Starbucks cups.

Birthday Beads

I made these for Kat, whose birthday is tomorrow. I hope she likes them!

Tree of Life Pendant necklace

Sparkly Party Beads

I had such fun making these. I am discovering that beading is quite as satisfying as crocheting, although in a very different way. When I crochet, it is a leap of faith that the pattern and yarn colors will work together well, as I am never (even after all these years of crocheting) really able to “see” how the project will look as a finished project until it is done. The real work is the actual crocheting and there is a sense of excitement as the project begins to finish up if everything has come together as planned. With beading, I can lay out the beads, move them around, try this and that and actually tell how it will look before they are strung. All the real “work” is done in the planning and playing with how the necklace will look. The actual stringing and finishing is done in no time at all and almost a let-down in how quickly the project finishes.

I do need to set up a “bead center” in one of our spare bedrooms – I believe Bill became weary of moving bead boards and bins around the dining room table whenever he wanted to eat.