Remember this, My Nice Clean Desk!?

Or maybe this Clean Desk?

Notice any ongoing theme here?

Well, here’s today’s desk picture:

What a disaster! Guess what I will be working on this week, beginning just as soon as I have this blog post written and uploaded.

This was a good morning to begin a new routine of using the Just Dance 2 on the Wii. I turned it on just as soon as Bill walked out this door this morning, even though I wanted nothing more than to crawl back in bed. But I resisted, put my sneaks on, did the Warm Up routine on the Just Dance 2 program, and then burned some calories for about twenty minutes. I don’t know as I have any more energy after doing all that (and I definitely need energy to tackle this desk!), but at least I am awake! Hopefully I can do this on a daily basis, in addition to some walking outside. But I know I need to create an indoor morning routine, because I am a fair weather walker and as soon as it turns cold or rainy or snowy, I won’t be stepping one foot out the door!

Speaking of out the door … Sunday morning Bill noticed this praying mantis up towards the roof outside our front door.

Two days later, it is still there.

I’ve never seen a praying mantis this brown. I think I’ll ask my cousin Roberta over at Growing With Science why it is brown and why it is sticking around so long. She will certainly know the answer.