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September Goals Review

I did not do well on my September goals, modest as they were.

Goal One – Sing out loud every day. I did manage to do this frequently, but certainly not every day. I had the most success when I was listening to The Carpenters CD, especially Karen Carpenter’s version of “Ticket to Ride.” Adele, also, is good to sing along with, as is John Denver. This is a goal that I intend to keep working on, as it really is a mood booster for me.

Goal Two – Play more with making jewelry. I did buy more jewelry making supplies, but that is about as far as my “play” went. I have been making a special gift for a special cousin and that really did take most of my crocheting time this month.

Goal Three – Set up an Etsy store. This definitely did not happen and I don’t see it happening for quite some time. Some upcoming business decisions are going to curtail any free time for a while, along with impending travel plans. Cross Etsy store off my list of being even a thought right now.

Goal Four – Get back into the habit of daily exercise. This did not happen either. I know it would have been helpful to relieve the stress that I have been feeling the last two weeks of September.

As you can see, not much was accomplished in September. I did sort through the last boxes that were in my August decluttering project and got everything organized and packed away. There’s a couple of piles left to deal with, one of empty picture frames and one of frames with pictures in them, but otherwise, that second room is organized and usable.

I am not setting any goals for October. Just getting through the next two months, with travel plans, the legal issues I have to deal with in Alabama, and business plans to implement will be more than enough for me to handle without trying to remember any extra goals.

Thursday’s Treasures – Another Watering Can

Earlier this month I posted pictures of my Watering Can Collection and asked if two of something makes a collection.
I didn’t really think so, but I do believe three of something makes a collection!

I found this lovely little ceramic watering can yesterday at a thrift store (I spent a whole dollar on it!).
I placed it on my vanity and love that the reflection of the back side looks just as pretty as the front side.

So you can see how tiny it really is, I took a picture of the whole vanity.

It has been five weeks since I posted about organizing my vanity and look how nice it still looks!
I was able to quickly pull together the jewelry I needed for our square dance getaway last weekend and just as easily put all the jewelry back where it belonged when I returned home.

It would be wonderful to have all areas of my life as organized and as eye-pleasing as my vanity.

My New Lovely!

Look at my lovely new ring!

Back in the early 1990s, I lost the stone in my engagement ring while swimming in Smith Lake in Alabama. Replacing the stone would have been easy enough, but was never a high priority, especially with tight budgets. Over the years I had decided I would rather just replace the ring itself and began dreaming of what that ring would look like. I knew I wanted it channel set. My thought was to have five stones, one for each member of the family, using their birthstones. I’ve looked at Mother’s Rings several times, but never cared for the settings.

Last week I took these new-to-me earrings to the jeweler’s to see if they could clean them up.

Aren’t they pretty? I love the Celtic look of them, which is why I bought them, or rather, why Bill bought them for my birthday.

Anyway, while the jeweler was cleaning them, I looked over the displays and espied my ring! Well, not exactly, as it didn’t have all the different birthstones. But it had sapphires, my favorite – three sapphires, one for each child, and two white topaz for Bill and I. I asked to try it on and I have to admit, I was hooked. But I tried to resist!

I told the saleslady my thoughts on the different birthstones and she said that this ring could not be changed, but what I wanted was a Mother’s Ring. She brought out that display and the order book that showed many more settings, but again, I didn’t like any of them. They all seemed too much. I wanted something really simple, like the other ring. I thanked her for her time and went on my merry way.

That night I told Bill about the ring and that I was thinking about going back and getting it. His response was, “If that’s the ring you want, then get it.” So Saturday we went back and I bought it.

I think I am going to have to have it sized a bit smaller, but I’m wearing it for a few weeks to see and then I can take it back in for sizing if I need to.

Isn’t it beautiful?

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