3 Quick Thoughts on Sunday, April 30, 2017

  • The Plant Sale was a success – the severe weather held off and even though it was hot and windy, there was a good crowd of buyers and very little left to sell by closing.  The Plant Sale was also great fun.  Who would think that much work would be fun?
  • I finally picked back up the afghan I was crocheting back in early March.  All that is left is weaving in the loose ends, which I have half done.  I will try to finish it up this week and get it in the mail to my niece.
  • Our new HVAC system is very nice.  We set up the wifi part of it today and loaded the app to our phones.  I can now adjust the temperatures from anywhere!  This system also switches automatically from heat to a/c as needed.  Very nice.

3 Quick Thoughts on Saturday, April 22, 2017

  • Taxes.  We received our refund last week.  I paid down some more credit card debt instead of splurging.  We’re still on track to have all that nasty credit card debt paid off by the end of 2017, which feels awesome.


  • We are meeting with a second HVAC company Saturday morning to get a second quote on the proposed HVAC upgrade.  We’ll see whether company number one is as good as they say they are or are blowing smoke.  LOL


  • Saturday evening we’re meeting one of Bill’s coworkers and his wife for dinner in Denton.  I’ve met them a few times at function and they are both very nice.  We also got together just about a year ago for an afternoon of snacks, beer, and a beer tour, which was interesting, sort of.  I don’t drink beer, but learning how they make it was fun.  I saw lots of things that reminded me of our dairy farm bulk tank area and also some of the wineries that I’ve seen in the Finger Lakes area where I grew up.  Anyway, it should be a pleasant evening out.