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Just a Moment – Thirty-Five

While in Houston this past January, we toured Johnson Space Center.

Bill and Karen at Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas


I don’t usually buy the pictures they take at those touristy things, but then again, I rarely have a picture of the two of us together, so why not?  At least we both had our eyes open in this picture, even if we weren’t smiling.

If you ever have some time to kill in Houston, I highly recommend the Johnson Space Center.  It was really interesting.

Weekly Review 01.16.17

Outside My Window… I have an uptown Houston city view from my third floor hotel window, a mix of sky scrapers, restaurants, businesses, clubs, and housing.  If you want it, it’s probably here somewhere.
I am thinking… that I will have a pretty nice two-week stay here.   Our suite has lots of room, including an office area, space for food (fridge, etc.) and a jacuzzi.  I plan to enjoy it.
I am thankful for…  the warmer temperature that comes with being 300 miles farther southeast, nearer to the Gulf Coast.
From the kitchen… no kitchen sounds, as there’s no kitchen!
I am hoping… that I can be productive these next two weeks, and also take some time to visit a museum or the zoo or something fun.
I am reading… The Immortal Irishman, by Timothy Egan (for the 2017 European Reading Challenge) – but this was left home, so I won’t be reading it for a couple of weeks.  The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larrson, which is the first of a trilogy.  Since Book 3 is the next book in our  100 Book List reading challenge, I want to read the first two in the trilogy.  I don’t like reading books out of order.
I am busy creating… a counted cross stitch Santa piece.
I am hearing… the TV in the background, along with the room a/c unit.
Around the house & garden… Christmas décor is still up and looking nice. David is in charge of the house while we’re gone.  The garden has been froze hard several times now, so I don’t know how much will come back in the spring.  I’m not worrying about it now.
In other news…  Bill’s cold is finally better.  He was still complaining all weekend about his brain being foggy and he’s still coughing and sneezing occasionally (and complaining of sore ribs), but today he was up early and read to get to work.  I’ve noticed improvements in his health each day over the last three days, even if he didn’t see it.  So far, I’m not showing any signs of coming down with it (knock on wood).
One of my favorite things… exploring new area.  I spent a couple of hours this noontime, found Whole Foods, scoped out a couple of restaurants, and just generally got my bearings.  I know now the major cross streets within a 2-3 miles area and can find my way back to the hotel without needing the GPS.
Our Weekly Overview… 
Monday: Bill working with the Houston client.  I’m hanging out at the hotel – ran to Whole Foods for lunch and lunch supplies for the coming week.  Later I’ll drive to the Galleria, meet Bill at the food court, and figure out where we’ll be eating supper.  That’ll be how every late afternoon is spent for me.  David is working today.
Tuesday: Bill works with the Houston client.  I’ll hang out at the hotel, hopefully get in a walk, write a book review, and begin to work on blogs.  David is off work, but scheduled to go in for the Manager’s meeting that he was invited (requested) to attend.  I’ll be interested to hear his report from that meeting.
Wednesday: Bill works with the Houston client.  I’ll hang out at the hotel, hopefully get in a walk and work on updating blogs and setting up new blogs.  David is off work.
Thursday: Bill works with the Houston client.  I’ll hang out at the hotel, walk, and continue working on blogs – unless I decide to take this day to explore further, have some fun.  A lot will depend upon how the work is going on the blogs and how much paid work pops up during the week.  David has work today.
Friday: Bill works with the Houston client.  I’ll hang out at the hotel, walk, and continue working on blogs.  David has work.
Saturday Sunday:  David works.  Bill & I will do so sightseeing.  Options are:  Galveston Beach, downtown Galveston, and Houston Space Center.
Here are some picture thoughts I am sharing …

Elephant origami display on the side of the jacuzzi in our room.

2016 Update – Part Three

It’s been quite some time since I posted any sort of update.  I’ll try to give some highlights from the past few months.  (Part One and Part Two were posted earlier in the week)


  • We replaced the downstairs toilet with a low-flow toilet.
  • We had the house appraised, as part of the refinance process. The appraisal came back at quite a nice number, giving us a hefty boost in equity value.
  • I attended the Denton County Master Gardener Fall Festival in Flower Mound and the Master Gardener Round Up in Denton later in the month, at which I submitted my application for the 2017 Master Gardener Class.
  • Bill had to travel to Houston for a client the last week of October, so I went with him. We left early and had two weekends to spend in Galveston.Galveston Beach Galveston BeachIt was a fun trip, with some sightseeing on the weekends (even a Duck Tour!).Duck Tour  Our hotel in Houston was on the very edge of downtown, so I did a lot of walking / exploring of downtown Houston.  The weather was perfect!

    View from our hotel

    View from our hotel

  • My cousin and I began a reading challenge on her It’s a Mystery Blog. If you’d like to know more, visit Bestseller Code 100.


  • We finalized the mortgage refinance.
  • I had my Master Gardener interview early in the month and then received word just a week ago that I was accepted. I’m super excited and know I will learn a lot about gardening in Texas.
  • I sent two crocheted baby blankets to a relative who delivered twin boys.crocheted baby blankets for twins
  • Bill ordered a computer, which will replace three old boxes that run continuously, serving various functions. Hopefully one new unit will use less electricity than three old units.
  • We spent Thanksgiving holiday putting up shelves & rails & hangars in the garage. We’re not quite finished yet.  Bill has new toolboxes arriving this Thursday and then he will be putting up some more shelves & lighting around the tool area.garage organization
  • I’ve tried to keep up with the bounty (leaves, twigs, etc.) that the neighbor’s cottonwood tree continues to bestow upon us.
  • I picked up an art easel along the side of the curb on a trash day. It needed some repair, which Bill did.  So now I have an easel!art easel
  • My raised bed continues to keep me happy with Swiss chard, kale, mustard greens, and Chinese cabbage. Oh, and I even planted a couple of Brussels sprouts, just for fun.  I probably planted them too late, though, as they aren’t growing very fast.  Maybe we’ll have a mild winter and I’ll be able to harvest some sprouts!
  • Bill installed a pull-out cabinet kit for my most-used and most-unorganized cupboard. It works beautifully!kitchen cabinet pull out shelf

And now you are up to date!