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Chili Sauce and Granny Square Jewelry

Friday’s chili sauce marathon yielded eleven and a half pints – the half pint went into the refrigerator to use immediately! We haven’t had Grandma Clark’s chili sauce since Bill’s sister-in-law sent some home with us in 2006. I can’t wait to cook up some burgers tonight (a black bean burger for myself) and see if the sauce tastes as good as I remember.

We had a quiet weekend, laying low, studying, crocheting, and generally trying to stay cool since our evaporative cooling system was not working properly. It seems like this always happens on a long holiday weekend. It was cool and rainy last night, so it is nice a cool inside this morning, but if the sun comes back out and heats it up outside, the system will simply by blowing hot air throughout the house. I sure hope they come fix it soon.

Saturday I made two more Embroidery Floss Granny Square necklace and earrings set and wore one of them Saturday evening when we went out to dinner with friends.

I received several compliments at dinner on my jewelry, with one of the ladies requesting a closer look at the necklace. No comments on my hair, though. Maybe they didn’t notice the cut, with the fantastic jewelry I was wearing!

Excuse the blurriness. I need to set up the tripod and try to take a decent picture, maybe even one with a smile.

Today I have zucchini squash pickles brining (another family recipe) and will process them this afternoon. Other plans are filing some receipts so I can see the top of my desk again, some more website work (more Alabama church school information to update) and more crocheting.

A Haircut

Three years ago I cut my hair short, as short as it had been since childhood when I lived with a permanent pixie cut.

This was my Princess Day, as declared by Miss Munchkin in March 2009.

I loved the cut, but it just never felt like me. I’m a long hair person, who is never quite sure who she is when looking into the mirror and seeing short hair! So I proceeded to grow it, and grow it, and grow it.

Yesterday morning it looked like this:

Sorry for the blurriness. Holding the camera out at arm’s length and holding it steady at the same time is quite a stunt!

So, that is what a bit over three year’s growth looks like, with only a couple of trims in that time. Unfortunately, my hair’s texture is changing as it goes grayer and it tangles more easily and also is a bit more prone to breakage. You’d never believe from looking at it that I experienced a drastic hair loss last winter (the doctor says due to stress, if you can imagine that!), losing perhaps one quarter to one third of the thickness. I really notice the difference when I go to scratch my scalp. I have to be careful, as there is not nearly the amount of hair there to dig through to reach the scalp!

Anyway, I decided it was too long, too unmanageable. All I did was keep it in a single braid or up in a pony tail, 24/7.

And it was too warm for my hot flashes/night sweats! So I made an appointment for a haircut and forewarned Bill that I was getting it cut. Shorter. Not short, but something more manageable and cooler.

Yesterday was the day. She cut and snipped and cut and snipped. The pile of hair around the chair grew larger and larger. And then she used the blow dryer and the curling iron, two items that I have not owned in many, many years! I loved it, but wasn’t sure it was quite me, with all the puff and curls. But it was definitely cooler and I was able to run around town for two more hours completing errands with my hair loose and free, which was great. When I got home, I took these pictures (again, a bit blurry at times):

And it is still long enough to put up in a pony tail, which is vital!

Best of all, I slept with it loose last night and didn’t wake up every time I rolled over to move hair out of the way or flip a braid up out of the middle of my back. Wonderful!