I finished Liana’s birthday blanket, but I am only going to show a small portion of it right now. I’ll post a picture of the whole blanket after her birthday.

Cross Stitched Name

Bottom portion of Liana’s birthday blanket.

I really love how her name stands out and am so very pleased with the entire finished blanket.

There is always a feeling of loss when I finish a big project like that, sort of like reading a long series of books that finally comes to an end. You just don’t want it to end, you grew to like the characters, and what will you read next? I’m sure you know what I am talking about. So you won’t be surprised that it only took me about six hours from finishing the blanket to planning the next project!

new granny square project

Granny Square project

And it took less than 24 hours to make fifty some beginning granny squares for the next project. I’ve a few more blue squares to go, as that will be the predominant color throughout, and then I will use white to join them all together. The goal is to use as much of the leftover yarn as possible from Liana’s blanket, while not making more squares than I have white yarn to join them together! That’s a lot of guestimating and (hopefully good) luck involved!