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Music Therapy

I’ve been in a bit of a funk the last week or so. I know it has to do with the four-year anniversary of living in Arizona, combined with the slow, ever-so-slow progress (lack of progress?) on the job hunting front (I really thought we’d be moved by now!). The government shutdown and concerns about Bill’s job also factor into it. Yes, he is working, and for that I am grateful, but who knows what will happen in the next week or two? All together, those have kicked up my anxiety a bit, enough so that I’ve started taking Reloraagain. Throw in the fact that the days are cooler, nights are cooler, winter is just around the corner (and the holidays!), and this month marks one full year since I’ve seen Miss Munchkin and I am just plain grumpy.

So, this morning I’m doing some music therapy. I’ve got Carpenters Gold (CD)playing, since I need something to sing along to. Music always helps improve my mood (or augment it, as the case may be), but singing will help pull me out of funk and it is something I have been trying to do more of. My standing desk is helping me some, since I also find myself bouncing and dancing to the music while standing at the computer.

On the plus side, I am keeping busy, even through the anxiety and grumpiness. I have made great progress on my Granny Hexagon afghan/bedspread and I should be posting a picture of the finished project by the end of the week. I am still not tired of the project, which is sort of amazing, since it is practically the only thing I have worked on (crocheting) since the last week of August. It will be a good thing to get it finished, though, because I really do need to work on some other upcoming gift items. And I need to get back to finishing my skirt featured on last Friday’s Just A Moment.

I have also been cooking a good bit, trying some new vegan and vegetarian dishes, since I have David here to help me eat them. My Quicken is almost up to date, or rather it was up to date two weeks ago, and some accounts are current now, but I do need to work on the major bank account/checkbook this week and get that caught up. And I’ve also been working diligently on updating content, link checking and other housekeeping with my LeapingFromTheBox.com website.

Maybe I’ll take a walk outside this noon and take my camera with me, although the way the wind is blowing, it might be a short walk! If I do, I’ll find something cool to snap a picture of and post here tomorrow.

Granny Hexagon Afghan Progress

In late August I received a VERY large box of yarn from my mother.

box of yarn

She had been to a yard sale where they were selling a yarn. She filled a large box full of color-coordinated yarns and sent it to me. I am a giving person, always making things for other people, but rarely receive like in return, so this was a pleasant surprise. I immediately began considering what to make with it. Within twenty-four hours I had sorted through my Pinterest crochet board, found the Granny Hexagon pattern I remembered, and was crocheting granny hexagons with the intent of making myself a bedspread.

Here are the first five I made:

five crocheted granny hexagons

And nineteen of them joined together, using the “join-as-you-go” method shown on the Petals to Picots blog:

joined granny hexagons

Based upon the nineteen, I figured I would need 266 hexagon granny squares. It took me just four weeks to complete all 266 of them. I think I was obsessed!

In the last week I’ve continued adding granny hexagons to my first nineteen.

many joined granny hexagons

The orange markers are my center line, giving me the direction of top to bottom. I’ve got quite a ways to go, but I’m very pleased with how quickly the join-as-you-go method is working. I will definitely be using that method from here on out!

I’ll let you know when I have the bedspread finished. I have a feeling that I won’t be crocheting anything else until it is done, which means some gifts may be delayed later this year! I should feel guilty about that, but I’m enjoying making something for myself too much for guilt!

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