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Cranky Day

I’ve the feeling that this is going to be a long day. I didn’t sleep well at all last night and my whole body aches. I know it’s from the hypothyroidism; I had blood work done last Thursday to retest thyroid levels. I have a message on my phone this morning to call the doctor’s office to get the results, so hopefully she’ll be adjusting the medicine levels and in a few days I’ll feel good again. In the meantime, I’m trying not to be cranky!

While I was lying awake last night, unable to sleep, I started rethinking my story idea for Princess Fiona and believe I’ve found an idea that I can run with. The previous idea, for some reason, just wasn’t going anywhere for me. I can take what I have already written and use it with this new idea. So the first thing I did when I turned my computer on this morning was open that file and actually write a few sentences before I totally lost the whole concept.

So I’ve a long list of things to do today:

  • Call the Alabama utility companies and make sure the tenant has started his own accounts
  • Post my finished jigsaw puzzle on Freecyle and ask for new ones (already done this and received a nice email from a lady willing to give me several puzzles in exchange for my one!)
  • Work on Quicken (I paid bills yesterday, so my desk is clear!)
  • Laundry (a load is washing as I type)

Okay, so the list isn’t all that long, but the backlog of Quicken I have to do makes it a long list!

We (hopefully) should hear today whether David got the job that he interviewed for last week. Keeping my fingers crossed!

And I discovered a new musical group yesterday while watching CMT: Mumford and Sons. I’ve been listening to them on Youtube for the last hour and totally love their unique sound, a blend of acoustic / bluegrass / folk. All four men are from London and you can hear a bit of British accent at times as they sing, but their playing is pure Nashville! I think my favorite so far is “Little Lion Man.” .” (Lyrics warning: They to use the F-Word several times in this song).

Okay, time to get to work!

Guppy, Guppy, Who Wants a Guppy?

Anyone want a guppy? I have been giving them away all week to Freecycle members. Yesterday I gave away forty. Eight more went this morning and ten more are slated to be picked up later this afternoon. I think that is a little better than half. Luckily, more people want some, so I am going down the list. With any luck, I’ll have given away all of them and can start again with new fish. Or possible just empty the tank out and put it in storage. That would save some on the electric bill!

If you want a guppy, speak quick before they are gone!