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Memorial Day and Stuff

Monday was Memorial Day and we celebrated in fine American fashion. We drove three hours round trip to the beach and back (St. George Island), consuming a fair amount of gas in our van. And on the way home we spent too much and ate too much at a most delicious seafood restaurant. All in all, it was quite a lovely day. The surf was a little high at the beach, but the day was low 80s, low humidity, and perfectly lovely. I wish I had remembered to take my camera, but here is a picture of the same beach last summer.

St. George Island State Park

My apologies for not writing any posts here the last five weeks or so. We have had a lot of life changes going on that have taken a bit of time to adjust to. But I think we are finally getting into a routine of sorts and hopefully I will have more online time again to keep up with my blogs and websites. In late April Kat and Miss Munchkin moved in with us. Kat has enrolled at Tallahassee Community College and is working full-time, so I now have Miss Munchkin to watch all day long. She is one busy little girl! And then in early May Charles moved back to north Alabama. So we have been adjusting to increasing the household and then, within two weeks, decreasing the household. We have heard from Charles a few times and from what he says, things are going well. We hope the move is a good one for him and will help him get his life headed in the direction he wants and needs.

So, keep watch here and I will make the effort to post more frequently, I promise!

Saint Marks Lighthouse

Saturday Bill and I drove to the Gulf. First we visited St. Mark’s National Wildlife Refuge. We wanted to see what the lighthouse was all about, but also ended up taking a couple of nature walks.

St. Mark’s Wildlife Refuge
St. Mark’s Wildlife Refuge
St. Mark’s Wildlife Refuge
The Plum Orchard Pond Trail, near the Visitor’s Center.
The Visitor’s Center had some displays and several free publications about the wildlife at St. Mark’s. I picked up a cool laminated fold-out on Florida’s Wildflowers and Butterflies.

The lighthouse has stood at St. Mark’s for over three centuries, and was moved once due to beach erosion. We were disappointed that we could not go into the lighthouse, but it sounds like that will change in the future. There are plans to open the living quarters and have historical and archaeological items on public display.

St. Mark’s Lighthouse
St. Mark’s Lighthouse
This is attached to the back end of the lighthouse, obviously where the keeper lived.

Unfortunately, my pictures of the lighthouse from afar did not turn out very well. It was a gorgeous day, sunshine and blue skies. But since I was standing in the shade when I took this, it turned out a bit too dark.

St. Mark’s Lighthouse

And I think this is my favorite picture from the day …
Do Not Feed The Alligators
About says it all, doesn’t it?!
We walked the two trails around that marshy area, the Lighthouse Pool Trail and the Cedar Point Trail. There were a lot of picnickers and fishermen (and women!). Next time we will have to remember to take a picnic lunch. Instead, we drove over to Alligator Point, where we usually go beach walking, and ate lunch at the newly rebuilt Angelo’s Seafood Restaurant overlooking Ochlockonee Bay.

Angelo’s was washed away by Hurricane Dennis in 2005 and just recently reopened this winter. It’s a beautiful place, lovely view and great food, but not the place to grab a quick and cheap bite to eat. We had enjoyable meal, though, sitting on the deck and watching the boats and birds over the bay. We needed our jackets, as the breeze was a bit chilly, but still warm enough in the sunshine. Spring is here, I think!

After lunch, we drove to Alligator Point, walked for a bit, and then headed home. After all, there was the Bud Shootout to watch! Race season is finally here!

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