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The Beach

Two weeks ago today I was at the beach. Alligator Point, Bald Point State Park, in Franklin County, Florida

I haven’t been to the Gulf Coast (or any ocean beach) since we moved away from Tallahassee in September, 2009.

It was Glorious.

Alligator Point Beach

Walking in one direction, it was all blue skies and sunshine.

Bald Point State Park

Turning around to go back, it was suddenly foggy, very spooky looking. The fog was so thick at times that you could see it hitting your glasses!

Foggy Gulf Coast

And then the fog was everywhere.

Franklin County Florida beach

I spent the day with my lovely granddaughter, Fiona, who I believe enjoyed the beach as much as I did. Possibly more so, as she was willing to wade in and get wet!

A beach lover

Fun at Bald Point State Park

We spent most of the day together, shopping at Hobby Lobby, grabbing drinks at Starbucks, and picked up some subs to eat lunch at the beach. While at the beach, we walked 3 miles and picked up many shells that we later divided between us.

Grandmother and Grandchild

It was truly one of the best days of my life.

Thursday’s Treasures – Shell Pendant

I am a farmer’s daughter. As a child in rural upstate New York, the outdoors was my delight and sometimes my refuge. Watching the weather, paying attention to the lay of the land, delighting in well-tended fields and orchards, all of these are in my blood and are likely some of the reasons I feel more at home in an agricultural area than I do in desert or mountains.

Yet, there’s always this pull towards the sea. And I blame that on my childhood also. You see, if my dad had had a successful year of farming, we spent two weeks in Florida at some point during the winter, usually in January or February. And that time was spent mostly on the beach – day after lazy day of walking the beaches, digging sand castles, playing in the surf of the Gulf, and collecting shells. My step-mother, Norma, became an avid collector and we all learned to identify many different kinds of shells. Decades later, I still cannot walk a beach without looking down and trying to spot a sand dollar or a fan or a cowrie or a cat’s paw. And to find a whole nutmeg? What a coup!

After a few trips to Florida, Norma began to make shell jewelry with all the shells we had collected. I still have this fan pendant that she made sometime during the 1970s, along with several other shell pendants.

I wore these shell pendants all the time as a teen, but over the years they got pushed to the back of my jewelry boxes and at this point, this fan is the only one not in storage. I think it is time to find a chain for it and begin wearing it again!

Back again, hopefully!

Goodness, has it really been a month and a half since my last post? I certainly didn’t intend that. I seem to do things all or nothing and February was my month for catching up on the financial records and getting taxes filed, which I accomplished! It is such a nice feeling, having them done early and knowing, for the good or bad, what the results were. Thankfully this year it was good results, with a nice refund, which I sort of was hoping for what with our moving expenses, job search expenses, and college expenses. Next year might be a different story!

Other than that, I think I’ve been hibernating, waiting for the weather to warm up! December, January, February, even the first half of March have been cold, a lot of cloudy days, and a lot of wind. Tucson reported their fourth wettest January/February period in over 100 years. Wouldn’t you know it? It seems like we always move somewhere when they are having a non-normal year. But today is sunny and gorgeous, if still a bit chilly from the wind. The temperature may reach 70, but that wind blowing down from the snow-capped mountain is still cold!

My main project these last few days has been hanging pictures in the living room. I have so many digital pictures filed here and there on my computer, but so few actual prints. So I’ve been ordering some prints, buying some frames, and getting some memories off the computer and onto the walls! I decided the living room would be full of my pictures, only pictures that I had taken, other than the one picture that my Grammy painted that I hung when we first moved in. So far I have the west wall completely done.

West Wall

I know you can’t see what the pictures are, but I wanted to show the full effect between the two windows the edge that wall.

The center picture was taken at Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Two of the four pictures surrounding that are Arizona pictures from one of our exploration drives last November.

Arizona sky

Arizona cactus

One other is St. George Island in Florida.

St George Island, Florida

The last is Sanibel Island Beach in Florida.

Sanibel Island Beach

And the outside two were taken at Watkins Glen State Park in New York.

Watkins Glen State Park, NY

Watkins Glen State Park, NY

I am quite pleased with how the arrangement turned out and want to give a special “thank you” to my mom for her long-distance assistance!

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