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August Beginnings

I have set a few goals to work on – – no, make that accomplish – in August.

Project #1 – Less Facebook time. I plan to limit my Facebook time to just twice a day, morning and evening. To help facilitate this, I spent quite a bit of time yesterday “unliking” and “unfriending” many people and organizations, along with changing the settings on most of the remaining friends so that things like games and music and extraneous comments do not show up. The goal was to lessen the amount showing up in my feed. It would appear like that has worked, as this morning it only took me about ten minutes to scroll through all my lists rather than the usual half an hour or more. I will still be spending more time on Facebook in the evening as that is when I play my Words With Friends games. Hopefully, though, by only opening Facebook twice a day, and spending less time there when I do open it, it will free up my time and focus for my other big hairy goals!

Project #2 – Cleaning up our spare bedroom, which has become a huge mess. It started as storage for things we didn’t want to unpack when we first moved here. Then my yarn stash began to expand. Then we had the emergency evacuation last summer and everything just got turned upside down. I haven’t touched the room since then, other than to add more things into the mess. I would like to get rid of what we don’t need or use, unpack what we keep, and organize what is left.

I am posting some “before” pictures in the hopes that there will be a striking contrast between these and the “after” pictures I post on August 31st!

Isn’t it a disaster? I have my work cut out for me. I have already begun, though. Yesterday I donated three boxes of books to the local library bookstore. These books were special collections that I have moved from NY to AL to FL to AZ. I could have made some money by selling them on Craigslist.com, but each time I have started to do that in the past, I wimped out and kept them. They had some sentimental value, but I had not opened one of the books in any of those boxes in over six years. And I know that none of my children will want them. So I struck while the iron was hot yesterday, so to speak, and loaded them into the car and dropped them off at the library. They are gone. I do not have to keep expending mental energy trying to decide whether to keep them or to sell them or to give them away. I am free!!!

Project #3 – Website updates. This is another area that I have ignored for way too long. I have a massive list of additions, deletions, and changes that need to be made to the content of my LeapingFromTheBox.com website. Plus I need make backups and then update the software and other applications on my blogs. I hope to get a good start on all this in August and establish a daily/weekly routine of updates, backups and new content.

Both project #2 and project #3 should be more easily facilitated by the success of project #1, don’t you think?

Amore Arizona – The Weather

This morning I am glued to Facebook and the steaming video from WHNT 19, a television channel in Huntsville Alabama. Already this morning there have been tornado touchdowns in the north Alabama area and the day is only beginning. Do I really miss the weather of the southeast? Well, some days, yes, I do miss it, but today is not one of those days. Today I am enjoying a typical southeastern Arizona March day; crystal clear sky, light breeze, sunshine and temps expected to get to sixty (which is actually a bit on the cool side for this time of year).

In January I was able to repot my plants outside on my patio.

In February I was picking bouquets of pansies.

Winter can be cold here. Our first winter here (2009-10) was very cold, with too much wind and too much snow for my taste. But the subsequent two winters have been mild, with only a few very cold days and just a light dusting of snow on the Huachuca Mountains to the west of us. Spring and Fall are beautiful weather-wise and Summer here in Southeast Arizona is almost like living in the southeast, with temperatures in the 80s and 90s and a lot of moisture in the air with the Arizona Monsoon. Other areas of Arizona have more extreme weather; Tucson and Phoenix get very HOT in the summer, with days and weeks on end over 100 degrees and the northern areas of Arizona often get massive amounts of snow in the winter. So I am grateful that we live where the weather is quite pleasant most of the time, avoiding those extremes.

Happy 50th Birthday

I turned 50 this year along with two of my favorite cousins. Happy birthday Linda! Happy birthday Reb! Happy birthday me! I am so glad that we reached this milestone together … misery loves company, eh?

This past weekend my high school class of ’79 got together back in upstate NY to celebrate our collective 50th birthdays! It has been fun reconnecting this past year with many classmates on Facebook and this morning I have been enjoying the pictures that some classmates have posted from the weekend’s events. It would appear that I missed a fun party last night.

It has been interesting the past few months listening to classmates reminiscing on Facebook. Occasionally I am reminded of some good time, some interesting teacher, or some event that I had forgotten. More often I am struck by how different my perception of high school was from those of my peers. A dream I had last night about sums up how high school felt to me … I was at the 50th birthday party, only we all had not aged a bit from 30 years ago. Music was playing. People were dancing. I was having a blast singing along to the music as I danced until I suddenly realized that I still had the towel on my head from when I washed my hair. When I took the towel off, my hair had dried all funny looking, sticking up all over. I frantically search the hallways, looking for a bathroom so that I can try to comb the hair in place. And then I wake up. Phew! And that is how high school was for me, a place of occasional fun with friends, but fraught with imminent social disasters and the pervasive feeling of being lost. Perhaps high school is wasted on 16 year olds; we should go when we are 50!