What do you think? Is it too corny? Old-fashioned looking? I love the earrings, but I think the hearts need to be slightly larger for a pendant.

This is not at all the intended finished product; not even close. But I want to wear the hearts for a special dance Saturday night and I know I won’t have time to make what I had envisioned. Tracy’s comment on yesterday’s post inspired me to do something different.

I am not sure which I like better, the silver or black choker. I will be wearing it with a black shirt that has a collar, and both look equally well with the shirt. And yes, I know these are blue and the hearts I posted yesterday were red, pink and white. But the skirt I’m wearing Saturday evening is turquoise/blue design and red/white/pink just didn’t match!

This jewelry making certainly is fussy work, but I may be hooked, no pun intended!