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Dust Storms

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that we were in Phoenix on Saturday. It was a nice day, lunching and shopping with my cousin and visiting with David and his roommates, among other things. It was HOT! 114 degrees! That is just too hot!

On the way home we had been noticing signs of a dust storm rolling our way, specifically this:

Dust Storm

We decided it was time to pull off and let the dust storm roll through. We have seen too many accidents along that section of road due to dust storms and people trying to drive through them. So we pulled off and waited it out at a Starbucks. We checked the radar on our phones, heard the emergency alert alarm for the dust storm come over our phones about half an hour after we stopped, and then got back into the car and waited for the gust front to come through.

As we walked from Starbucks to our car, the wind was beginning to blow quite a bit and the dust in the air was making halos around the lights.

dust halos

And then the rain began to fall.

raining mud

I don’t think I’ve ever seen it rain mud before!

Once the initial front passed through, things settled down and we got back on the road. We ran into intermittent rain until just north of Tucson and then the sky was clear. The lightning going on all around us was quite spectacular, though! I wish I could have gotten a picture of that!

Trip to Cottonwood – 365 – 104

Friday morning dawned cold and windy with rain in the forecast for the lower elevations, snow for the higher elevations. This sight greeted us as we drove out the driveway:

The Huachuca Mountains

Rain clouds on their way!

The Whetstone Mountains

The cloud shadows played on the Whetstone mountains.

ugly car

One of the ugliest cars I have seen in quite some time!

dust storm

The wind was kicking up dust north of Tucson. The stretch from Tucson to Phoenix can sometimes be quite dangerous in the winter without crops on the irrigated portions of the desert. Often there are delays due to accidents caused by dust storms, some so severe that you cannot see a thing in front of your car.

dust blowing in the desert

Palo Verde tree

A Palo Verde tree in blossom at the rest area along I-10 just south of Phoenix.

saguaro cacti

Saguaro cacti on a hillside north of Phoenix.

Prescott National Forest

Looking east out over the Prescott National Forest. So many of the National Forests in Arizona have nothing to do with trees!

Verde River Valley

Our first glimpse of the Verde River Valley as we begin our descent into Camp Verde.

Camp Verde

The green is the Verde River.

mural in Old Town Cottonwood

A mural along the side of a building in Old Town Cottonwood. Old Town Cottonwood was a curious section of town, with quaint shops, restaurants and artistic ventures. It’s only two blocks long, but full of history as many movies had scenes filmed there, including a scene from Kenny Roger’s movie “The Gambler”.

Nic's Italian Steak and Crab house

Nic’s Italian Steak and Crab house, in Old Town Cottonwood, where we had a most delicious supper.

Tomorrow I hope to post some pictures of our ride on the Verde Canyon Railroad. I only have 500 pictures to sort through for that day!