Long time ago, in a land far, far away, I crocheted an afghan for Kat.

A year ago, she asked me if I could repair it, as a three-year-old with scissors had wreaked havoc upon it.

scissors damage

This is just one section where the scissors cut into the tied end, thus allowing rows to begin to unravel. Luckily Kat discovered the damage before it became too extreme.

After much deliberation and trial and error with test swatches to figure out the pattern (which I seem to no longer have), I was able to repair it this past weekend.

repaired afghan

It’s not perfect, and I was unable to find the variegated yarn used in some of the rows, but it is serviceable. And that is important, as it is a very warm afghan, winter is fast on its way, and Kat has been asking if her favorite afghan is ready to ship back to her!

Kat's afghan

The answer is, “Why, yes it is!”