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Weekend Pictures

We had a quiet weekend, consisting mostly of me crocheting and watching football and Bill working on a computer issue that was puzzling him. A trek to town for groceries on Saturday and another trek to the mall on Sunday for a friend’s Artist of the Month Open House was the total of our ventures out the door.

I took this picture of a curious cloud formation on Saturday. It was actually part of a V shape, with the left-side portion looking quite similar to this right side portion.

cloud formation

No snowflake pictures today, but I did I start working on a shawl for Kat’s birthday gift.

the start of a crocheted shawl

I really love how it is working up and how soft the yarn is – I’m very glad I purchased additional yarn in other colors to be able to make more shawls, maybe even one for myself!

A Bit of Rain

Over the weekend we had .39 inches of rain in our backyard (did I mention how much I love my new weather station?). This morning it has been misting off and on, although not in enough quantity to register, yet.

When I took Bill in to work this morning, I saw rainbows!

Rainbow over Fort Huachuca

There’s just a hint of a second rainbow to the left of the brilliant rainbow. I took this as I was coming off post, looking back west to the Huachuca Mountains.

The sky/cloud/mountain interplay the last few days has been quite spectacular when we have been taking our daily walks. I took this yesterday afternoon:

Shadows over the hills around Tombstone

This is looking east, towards the hills around Tombstone and the taller mountains beyond.

I hope to get a chance to drive out of town a bit sometime today and see what photo opportunities arise.

Amore Arizona – Photo Opportunities

Living in Arizona has certainly given me many opportunities to take some amazing pictures.

This photo of the iconic saguaro cactus was taken north of Tucson.
You would never know it was taken out the car windshield while we were driving 65 mph! Don’t worry, I wasn’t driving!

An agave plant in bloom, sometimes called the century plant.

I captured this picture of the sky over Salt River Canyon (again, out the car windshield), which I described in my Salt River Canyon Rock Slides post yesterday.

This post is part of my Amore Arizona series that I mentioned in my January 4th post on Contentment,
in which I write about and post pictures of the things I love about Arizona.

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