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Simply Stripes Baby Blanket

Saturday I finished the baby blanket I was working on for my cousin’s newest grandbaby, and none too soon since Aaron Seth was due today but arrived the 18th of November! I’ve seen pictures and Aaron is gorgeous! Mom and baby are both doing fine.

I used the Simply Stripes Baby Blanket pattern and crocheted the blanket with Red Heart Soft Baby Steps Yarn Blue Earthand Bernat Softee Baby Yarn, Pale Blue. The blanket is gorgeous and oh so soft, but I did not care for the pattern as much as I thought I would and I probably will not use it again.

Simply Stripes Baby Blanket

Claire Bear says the blanket is nice and warm!

Simply Stripes Baby Blanket crocheted

Now to get it boxed up and shipped out!

I’ve been working on Liana’s Horses & Ribbons afghan and have only 20 more rows of the base blanket to complete! Then I can begin on the cross stitching, which is going to take quite some time. There’s no way I will have it done for Christmas, so I’m planning it for her second birthday. Rebecca is providing me with a list of items Liana needs for Christmas, so I will be doing a little bit of shopping this year! Fiona’s present has already been purchased, although I know I’ll have to do some more small bits because Grandma just can’t resist!

Crocheted Ponchos

This weekend I finished up two Christmas gifts for Miss Munchkin, a poncho for her and a matching poncho for Miss Kitty. I think Claire Bear makes a pretty good model, don’t you?

I hope the poncho for Miss Munchkin isn’t too big. I made it a size bigger than she currently wears, figuring she’s soon grow into it and it would last longer that way. But, if it is way too big, I can easily make another one just one size smaller.

I’m waiting on measurements for Liana so that I can make her one also, although I suspect she might wear close to the same size and what Claire Bear is wearing.

The child’s poncho pattern can be found on the Lion Brand website, their Pattern 70367AD Child ‘Coming Home’ Poncho. You do have to sign up on the Lion Brand site in order to view/download their patterns, but signing up is free. I downsized and modified the ‘Coming Home’ poncho pattern to make the bear poncho pattern.

Claire Bear

Meet the newest member of the family, Claire Bear, packed and ready to travel from Alabama to her new home in Arizona.

Her first flight went admirably! She didn’t even need Dramamine (wish I could say the same about myself!).

Claire Bear joined the family because Miss Munchkin requested crocheted clothes for her many bears and Miss Kitty’s. Claire is willing to try on the clothes as they are being made so that I can make sure they are the correct size. But I have the feeling that Claire is going to help create more than just clothes. Already I have signed up to participate in National Novel Writing Month due to Claire provided me with some writing inspiration. Who knows what else she will accomplish!