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Weekly Overview 03.27.17

Outside My Window… it’s cloudy and cool, only 53 degrees, but the world is green!  Spring has definitely sprung.



I am thinking… of a good friend that is having surgery this morning and hoping that the surgery goes well.

I am thankful for… the fact that the hail we had last night did so little damage here, compared to many areas around us, and that the one tornado was short-lived.

From the kitchen… silence.

I am hoping… to get a lot done today, but woke up with an uneasy stomach and a headache, so I’m laying low this morning, hoping whatever the issue is will pass quickly (no pun intended).



I am reading… 

  • The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson for the 100 Bestsellers List challenge
  • Three Sisters, Three Queens (The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels #8) by Philippa Gregory

I am busy creating… not much right now.  The Rippling Waves afghan is done; all that is left is to weave in the ends.  I’ve been so busy that I’ve not even picked up a crochet hook in about two weeks.

I am hearing… the Morning Joe show on MSNBC.  I tape it each morning and try to listen to at least the opening few minutes before I delete it.

Around the house & garden… would you believe that my Christmas floral decorations are still up?  I really need to find some time soon to swap them out for spring flowers.  My flower beds are looking nice and my morning glories are already trying to climb and bloom – another thing to add to my list this week, putting up string for them to vine on.  I also need to acquire some tomato plants this week, along with new container soil.  If I don’t get them soon, the weather will be too hot for them by the time they are trying to set tomatoes and I’ll lose out, again!

In other news… David had an enjoyable trip to Pittsburgh, visiting with his roommates from his Phoenix years.  I wouldn’t be surprised if sometime in the next year he decides to move to either Seattle or Pittsburgh, where each of those friends live.  All he needs is a good job there to move to!

One of my favorite things… riding bike.  At least it used to be.  I hope to find out sometime this week if it still is.  We bought bike helmets yesterday, along with a tire tube for Bill’s bike, so we should be good to go soon.  Kat wants a picture of us riding our bikes – she says the fact that we have bikes is not newsworthy, but that actually riding them would be!

Our Weekly Overview… 

Karen – I’ve got a busy week with Master Gardeners, which seems to be the new norm.  Tuesday is class, Wednesday I have two meetings in Denton, so I’ll be eating lunch in town again, and Friday morning is Help Desk SPLASH meeting.  I had planned to skip SPLASH this week, as I was signed up to work the Help Desk this morning, but since I wasn’t feeling well, I canceled that.  I’ll decide on Friday whether to work SPLASH or not – they meet every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Friday morning, so I can pick just one a month to attend if I want and still feel like I’m fulfilling my volunteer responsibilities.

I also need to contact two or three a/c companies so we can get quotes on adding the heat reclamation piece into our a/c system to heat the pool, and also see whether it is feasible to upgrade one of the a/c units at the same time.  We’re pretty sure these units are original, which means they are about 20 years old.  Newer would definitely be more efficient and save us money in the long run.

The rest of the week I’ll be doing my usual:

  • bill paying and tracking of receipts in Quicken
  • taking care of my MG (Master Gardener) class evaluation, unit test, and week’s homework
  • laundry and dishes and meals
  • groceries as needed
  • yard work – the lawn needs mowing!
  • getting those tomato plants and new container soil
  • cleaning the pool

Bill – Bill is working from home every day this week except Tuesday, when he has a Citrix Class in Dallas.  I’m not sure if he will be working late/overnight Friday or not yet.  Hopefully by the weekend (or evenings during the week) we’ll have a/c people to meet with.  Over the weekend, he’s got a couple of small projects that need attention:

  • new bolts in the garage door (the bolts were bought weeks ago)
  • changing the pool filters (which I need to get ordered so they’ll be here by Saturday)

David – David works his usual schedule, Wednesday thru Monday, with Tuesday and Wednesday off.  I don’t believe he has anything else on his calendar this week, other than a run to the local coffee shop, Combs’ Coffee, on Wednesday to get his week’s supply of coffee beans.  He’s really enjoying having a local coffee shop close by.

Here are some picture thoughts I am sharing… Hail stones.  Big hail stones from our yard last night after the storm passed through. Bill is going to inspect the roof later today and see if we need to call the insurance company.


July 2013 Highlight Reel

In July, there were memories to preserve:

  • David & his roommate Paul spent the July 4th holiday with us. We cooked special meals for them and they cooked a special meal for us. We all enjoyed Sierra Vista’s annual Fireworks Display.
  • Bill and I celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary, eating out at our favorite local restaurant, The Mesquite Tree.
  • We enjoyed a fun Saturday afternoon/evening Canasta playing marathon with friends.
  • We took a Sunday trip to Chiricahua National Monument, which is always a fun jaunt.


In July, there were things that deserved editing:

  • More scorpions, one inside the house, two caught on the sticky pads at the door/house threshold.

In July, there were the moments that hold our lives together:

  • Two visits to the doctor for Karen – nothing serious, just little annoying things that needed treating with antibiotics.
  • We have had some wonderful Monsoon rains, which meant more frequent lawn mowing for me.
  • I picked two tomatoes from my three tomato plants (they are going to be giving me a lot of tomatoes in August, though) and we have been having fresh green beans about every four days for most of the month of July. Delicious!

fresh green beans

In July, there were mountains climbed:

  • I have continued to keep Quicken up to date.
  • Bill passed another Citrix certification, one more in the ever on-going quest to stay employable.
  • I overcame my negative thinking about sewing and successfully created a pattern from an existing skirt, thus sewing a new skirt for myself. I am most excited about the possibilities this has opened up, both for my own wardrobe and for gift giving.
  • I began making updates to my LeapingFromTheBox.com website, updating many church schools. It felt good to get back to working on the site daily.

In July, there were pitfalls to overcome:

  • No jobs applied to this entire month. I think we narrowed our search parameters too much! I really don’t want to be here another winter!
  • I missed another Hayes Reunion in New York. I had really planned on attending this one, before all the job issues started again. Next year. I say again.