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Weekly Overview 01-09-17

Sunrise on Lewisville Lake

Outside My Window… the sun is shining brightly, the temperature made it to 60s today (finally!), but the breeze is still cold.  Glad for the sunshine, though.

I am thinking… that I’m not going to get everything done that I’d like to get done before we leave for Houston next weekend.

I am thankful for… sunshine!  Warmer temperatures!

From the kitchen… the InstantPot just beeped, so the brown rice cooking in it is done and being kept warm until I get to it.  The kitchen is a mess!  I’ve been lazy about cleaning up after myself yesterday and today – the only thing I’ve washed is the Vitamix container, and that’s only because I’ve used it 3 times today:  morning smoothie, hummus, and mocha.  I’ll need to clean it soon, though, as I plan to make Classic Red Thai Curry With Tofu And Mushrooms for supper!

I am hoping… Bill’s cold is better by the time he comes and that I don’t come down with it.

I am reading… The Immortal Irishman, by Timothy Egan (for the 2017 European Reading Challenge).  I finished Sisters One, Two, Three by Nancy Star (The 26-Book 2017 Reading Challenge) which I rather liked (wasn’t sure I would).  Tonight I will start reading the next book in the 100 Book List reading challenge, The Mill River Recluse by Darcie Chan.

I am busy creating… a counted cross stitch Santa piece.

I am hearing… “Somebody To Love” by the Infamous Stringdusters, a bluegrass group I discovered on Spotify this morning.

Around the house & garden… Christmas décor is still up and looking nice. I’d like to take the tree down before we leave for Houston, but I’m not sure that will get done.  The décor I’ve decided to leave until early February, when it will then be time to put up spring décor.

In other news…   the wall art I ordered from Shutterfly came last Friday and looks wonderful.  As soon as I get it hung, I’ll post a picture.  I chose one of the pictures of Fiona from our excursion a year ago to Alligator Point, Florida.  Unfortunately, the wall calendar holder that I ordered from Lang was not constructed properly – I called them this morning and they refunded my payment but the item itself is out of stock and won’t be available until April.  I believe, though, that the fix to the hanger is a relatively easy one, so I’ll have Bill look it over when he gets home and maybe I won’t be ordered another one.

One of my favorite things… discovering new groups/music that makes me feel good.



Our Weekly Overview… 

Monday: Bill is in California at Citrix Summit.  David was scheduled to work, but called in sick (he doesn’t seem sick, but then again, he only used 2.5 sick days last year, leaving a couple on the table that he lost at the New Year).  I’ve worked on paying bills, HUBN accounts, mailed out a couple of hats to Liana, dropped checks at the bank, picked up groceries, and made a good bit of food (see above).  Tonight I’ll work on my counted cross stitch piece while watching the College Football game and maybe catch Bill on Skype.

Tuesday: Bill flies home late in the afternoon, so I’ll have to drive to DFW Airport to pick him up around 9 p.m., provided his flight is on time.  I’ll work more on our accounts (try to get Quicken caught up this week) & whatever HUBA/HUBN work comes in.  David is off (Tuesday & Wednesday are his weekend).

Wednesday: Bill works from home for the rest of the week.  I have an appt, in the morning with the car dealership for an oil change, an inspection, and a driving light repair.  Around that I’ll work on laundry and our accounts.  David is off.

Thursday: Bill works remotely for the client in Houston.  I’ll keep on with Quicken and other office work as needed.  David works.

Friday: Bill works from home, I’ll work on Quicken and prepping for our 2 week stay in Houston, and David works.

Saturday: & Sunday:  David works.  Bill & I will drive to Houston one of these days (not sure which yet), as he has two weeks on site there for the client he’s been working with since early December.  So I’ll be doing last minute laundry, packing, making checklists for David, stocking up on groceries for David, deciding whether to take my Vitamix with me to Houston.  And if we decide to drive down on Saturday, I’ll be doing all this on Friday!

Here are some picture thoughts I am sharing … I took Bill to the airport very early Sunday morning.  By the time I got home, the sun was beginning to brighten the sky, so I drove the couple of miles to a boat landing on Lewisville Lake and took some pictures.  The temperature was 22, so there’s ice all over the banks of the lake – something you don’t see very often!

And there were ducks!

The Icarus filter highlights the ice rather nicely.


Weekly Overview 01.02.17

This tree doesn’t want to let go of its 2016 leaves!


Outside My Window… the sun is shining and it’s a brilliant blue sky, just like the above picture from yesterday’s afternoon walk.

I am thinking… that not everyone got the memo about January 2nd being a Holiday.

I am thankful for… sunshine and a teeny, tiny bit of rain (without the accompanying severe storms).

From the kitchen… silence and odor-free.

I am hoping… that Bill’s flights this month are stress-free.

I am reading… The Immortal Irishman, by Timothy Egan (for the 2017 European Reading Challenge); The Last Child, by John Hart (for the 100 Bestsellers List Challenge); The Tenth Gift, by Jane Johnson.

I am busy creating… crocheted hats (for granddaughters) and bookmarks (for myself).

I am hearing… Danny’s Song, by Anne Murray (on Spotify) – one of my top 5 favorite songs.  Whenever I hear it, I start singing and feel happy.

Around the house & garden…  my soil sample is gathered, ready to turn in for my Master Gardener Class.  Christmas decorations are still up – I intend to take them down in a couple of weeks.

In other news… today is Day 2 of No Added Sugar, No Snacks.  I’m doing well, thanks to the plant-based cocoa I can make in the Vitamix.

One of my favorite things… the wallpaper on my computer desktop.  I bought the 2017 Birds in The Garden Lang calendar, with artwork by Jane Shasky, which came with a free download for monthly wallpapers.  January is chickadees in a winter scene – Chickadees remind me of my Grammy; she used them frequently in her artwork.

Christmas Chickadee by Mabel A Gibson

Our Weekly Overview… 

Monday: Bill has the day off, but is doing computer stuffs, including expense reports.  I’ve already had HUBA work this morning.  Hopefully our afternoon will be free to enjoy some more downtime.  David is at work.

Tuesday: I take Bill to the airport early (5:30 a.m.) so he can fly to Houston for the rest of the week.  The rest of my day will be spent trying to ignore the siren call of sweets (always an issue when I’m tired), handling any HUBA work that comes in, and catching up on Quicken.  David is off work.

Wednesday: Bill in Houston, I’ll continue with any HUBA work and Quicken.  Probably make a run to the bank and maybe even get a haircut.  Oh, and I need to drop off my soil sample in Denton.  David is off work, so maybe he and I will make an event of the trip to Denton and eat lunch out together somewhere.

Thursday: Bill is still in Houston.  Hopefully we’ll have a paycheck and I’ll be able to pay bills (a different payroll company and a mix-up in the direct deposit numbers means we will receive the first check in the mail.  Ugh.)  I’ll also continue with HUBA (as needed) and Quicken.  Hope to have Quicken caught up by the end of the week, as I only have about 5 weeks to input – the closest I have ever come to being caught up at the end of the year! David will be at work.

Friday: Bill comes home from Houston late in the evening, so I’ll be driving to the airport to pick him up.  It will be too late for him to take the trains, as the last connection doesn’t go past 8:30 p.m. on Friday.  I will need to do some general house pick-up, run the vacuum cleaner, and (hopefully) write a book review for The Last Child. David will be at work.

Saturday: & Sunday:  Saturday will be a sleeping in day, as Bill will be tired from all the travel.  And then a laundry day and repacking the suitcase, as he leaves early Sunday morning for Anaheim, CA for the Citrix Summit.  Sunday, while he’s gone, I’ll probably watch football or movies and do a lot of crocheting.  And try to avoid sweets again – maybe a nap will be in order.  David works his earlier shift on both days of the weekend.

Here are some picture thoughts I am sharing …

Fiona with her Christmas bike.


Liana with her Christmas of Little Ponies


Granddaughter’s enjoying their gifts from Grandma & Grandpa.