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Christmas Centerpiece

In the continuing quest for contentment, I decided to do more decorating for the holiday season. Christmas used to be my favorite time of year as a child, and not for the gifts. It was more the general feeling of happiness and joy that people seemed to have during this time of year. Of course, as a child, I wasn’t aware of the stress and sadness that adults often feel at Christmas time.

What I remember with the rose-colored glasses of time are the sights and smells and sounds of Christmas: the decorations, inside and outside, that turned a normal house into a twinkling wonderland; the smells of homemade cookies and pies and candies; the sounds of Christmas music everywhere. I especially remember Christmases on Nutt Road, the house where I lived as a teen. My stepmother Norma always went all out for Christmas.

In an effort to recreate some of that nostalgic feeling, I wanted a centerpiece for my dining room table and not just a poinsettia, which seems to be what I always end up with. I wanted something that I could use year after year. I spent a couple of hours last Saturday wandering the stores in town trying to find what I was picturing in my mind – something with a hurricane candle and greenery – with no luck. Then I spent another hour on Google and discovered that I could have what I was picturing, for a hefty price! But some time spent on Pinterest looking at centerpieces and I decided I had most of what I needed to make my own, albeit not with a hurricane candle. All I needed to buy was some candy canes, which I buy each year anyway.

I took my clear glass trifle dish, filled it with several strings of beads, and then stuck candy canes into it.
What do you think?

I suspect by the end of December that the centerpiece will have fewer candy canes, especially with David coming home next week!
Candy canes go very well in mocha, don’t ya know?

On my walk yesterday I noticed several pyracantha bushes. We had a huge pyracantha growing at the house I lived in during my teen years in New York.
It grew right outside our kitchen eating area and the birds loved it during the winter!

It’s funny, though. I remember the Christmases of my teen years with great fondness and nostalgia, and yet those Christmases were precisely why I purposely toned down my Christmas efforts as an adult. It always seemed like my younger siblings had a hard time coping with all the build-up of Christmas and by mid-Christmas day, after all the presents had been opened, there was a pervasive feeling of disappointment, as if the reality could never quite match the fantasy. Sometimes, though, I really miss that full-blown fantasy!

Christmas and Baby Favorites

Many years ago, BK, Before Kids, I made a beautiful two-sided Christmas tree skirt, large enough for the largest Christmas tree I might wish to have. And at that time, I wanted LARGE! I loved all things Christmas, but most especially the Christmas tree. In fact, there were several years that I had two Christmas trees. Alas, no more. Downsizing, no kids, and maybe some old age (dare I admit, maybe a bit of Scrooge sentiments also?) all have led to a much smaller tree. At first it was just a smaller artificial tree, around four foot. Now I am down to just a table-top tree that I pull out of a box already pre-lit. I never would have predicted that thirty-one years ago when I made my Christmas tree skirt.

After several years of not using the Christmas tree skirt, I realized that I can still use it, just not quite as it was intended.

It works nicely as a table cloth! I do need a larger centerpiece, which I will find this weekend.

Here’s the other side, which I used more often than the red side.

Yesterday I ordered some decorative candles to put in the windows that face the streets.
I have not decorated outside in more years than I can count, but I always liked the simple look of a single candle in each window.
I guess it reminds me of my childhood.

And speaking of childhood, I had two cousins that had babies in November and so I have been busily crocheting baby blankets in between Christmas presents.
I finished the first blanket this past weekend and it is ready to ship.

Here it is folded into quarters.

At full-size it measures 32” x 42” and is very thick, which will be good because the new baby lives in Maine and will need it to keep warm!

The pattern I used is one of my favorites, called “Sheila’s baby blanket” and can be found at Bev’s Country Cottage.
I used it earlier this year to make a baby blanket for Liana.