After reading Katriona’s list, I have been thinking on mine. This morning seemed like a good time to write it up, as I just experienced #1 on the list.

25 Things I Never Tire Of, in no particular order

1. New Sheets (or at least freshly laundered sheets). I put brand new sheets on our bed last night and it is a miracle that I even got out of bed this morning! So nice!

2. Chocolate

3. Reading (anything, really. Just reading. I think I have an addiction.)

4. Music. Especially live music. Finding the music for my particular mood. Having music change my mood. Music.

5. Walking a warm sandy Gulf beach with my hubby.

6. Taking pictures of my granddaughter. No, wait, that is probably two things, Taking Pictures and …

7. … Spending time with my granddaughter.

8. Growing a garden (vegetables and flowers).

9. Hearing my children laugh.

10. Cats

11. Chocolate … of, did I list that already? Okay, desserts, especially chocolate ones!

12. Road trips, both planned and unexpected.

13. Driving

14. Candles

15. Finding (or making) the perfect gift

16. Watching my children enjoy each other’s company.

17. Sleeping without an alarm ready to ring.

18. Getting snail mail letters and cards.

19. Writing letters (both emails and snail mail).

20. Italian food

21. Fresh fruit that I pick and eat right then and there.

22. Hot baths

23. Mt. Dew (2 years and 10 months Mt. Dew free!)

24. Being a mom

25. Being a grandma

What do you never tire of?