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Chickasaw National Recreation Area

Bill and I recently took a Saturday day trip and spent the afternoon at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Oklahoma. It is actually easier (& just about as quick!) for us to drive north into Oklahoma, than it is to drive south to Dallas or Fort Worth, due to the crazy traffic. We just hop onto I-35E, a short mile or two from our house, and drive due north.

Saturday started out cold, cloudy and blustery, but by the time we were into Oklahoma, the sun came out and it turned out to be a gorgeous afternoon. We at lunch at Subway in Davis, Oklahoma, and then continued east for about 7 miles to the Lake of The Arbuckles. Yup, that’s the name of the lake in the Recreation Area. We drove down to one fishing point/boat launch area and did some hiking.

We noticed this one bush growing along the water’s edge, which we have yet to identify.

wetlands bush in Oklahoma

Here’s the trail we took:

hiking trail

And some views of the lake along the way:

lake view

Lake of the Arbuckles view

Lake of the Arbuckles view

Lest you think we have left the desert of Arizona completely behind, here’s some cacti!


arbuckles lakeview

And our trek back up the trail:


Did I mention it was a gorgeous afternoon?

2013 Resolutions

Some years I make resolutions and some I don’t. This past year I had better luck with monthly resolutions, or rather a specific focus for a month.

For 2013 I have decided to make just one resolution.

I will walk daily.

That’s it. Simple, right? No specifics. No time lengths. Just walk.

Actually, the intention is to walk outdoors, but that is not going to always be possible. So any walk will fulfill the resolution. Any place. Any duration.

So far, by January 8th, I have walked six out of eight days. Not too bad, as resolutions go. And one of those days I got in two walks! Even better!

The main goal for walking is to feel healthier. Weight loss, if that should occur, would be a wonderful side benefit. Mostly, though, I know that walking will help manage the anxiety issues that have cropped up this past year. I know I am calmer when I get outside in the fresh air and sunshine and reconnect with nature. That’s not to say that there is a lot of nature to be found just outside my door, which is where I normally end up walking, but even here in suburbia, nature can be found, as evidenced by these pictures I took during yesterday’s walk.

New Growth

new growth on a cactus

new growth on a cactus

new growth on an evergreen tree

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution?

Amore Arizona – Photo Opportunities

Living in Arizona has certainly given me many opportunities to take some amazing pictures.

This photo of the iconic saguaro cactus was taken north of Tucson.
You would never know it was taken out the car windshield while we were driving 65 mph! Don’t worry, I wasn’t driving!

An agave plant in bloom, sometimes called the century plant.

I captured this picture of the sky over Salt River Canyon (again, out the car windshield), which I described in my Salt River Canyon Rock Slides post yesterday.

This post is part of my Amore Arizona series that I mentioned in my January 4th post on Contentment,
in which I write about and post pictures of the things I love about Arizona.

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