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Just a Moment – Forty-Six

My last Just a Moment was about my beans, so I thought I should provide an update.


I have plenty of vines (which bush beans should not have), but no beans yet. I do see a couple of blossoms today, though, so maybe I’ll have some beans soon.


Some of the leaves are showing some distress. Heat? Bugs? Both?


Just a Moment – Forty-Five

I have beans!  I planted  seeds almost four weeks ago, or was it three?

I planted from two different packages, one dated 2011 and the other 2015 (both  were opened and have been used).  Here’s a picture of the seed packs, which, as you can see, are both supposed to be Blue Lake Bush Beans.  Hah!


The front row of beans is from the older pack (less germination rate) and is growing like I would expect.  The back row is from the newer pack (much higher germination  rate) and is definitely not growing like a bush bean.  As you can see, I moved the container over to where I could string some line up and the beans are now wrapping themselves around the string.  I wonder what bean I will end up with.