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June 2019 Goals

It’s about time I got back into the habit of sharing my goals.  Putting them down for the world to see (all of my 7 subscribers!) somehow makes them more real.

Health & Weight – My big honking goal for 2018 was to lose 33 pounds by my 60th birthday in April 2019.  I did really well in 2018, losing 22 pounds, but somewhere around mid-January I lost my focus.  Not quite sure why, but I began eating snacks and sweets like crazy.  I’d like to blame it on the winter, but I’ve never gained 10 pounds in four months any other winter, which is exactly what happened this year. 

Recently, though, I’ve regrouped, refocused, joined a 100% ETL Challenge for June, and am getting back into the habit of daily exercising.  Since June 1st, I’ve lost 3.5 pound, so I know what I’m doing is working.  So now I have a new goal – to get back down to my previous low weight by August 1, sooner if I work hard at it, and then back to my original goal weight by New Year’s.  I know I can do it.  I will take this brief blip as a learning experience and do differently in the future.

So, for this month, my goals concerning health & weight are pretty simple.

  • Daily 100% ETL (Eat To Live, the way of eating {WOE} that I’ve followed for the past 8 years.
  • Daily 100% 2B Vegan Mindset ( a complementary {with ETL} eating plan that I was doing the last half of 2018 and worked well for me).
  • Daily Intentional exercise of some fashion.
June 2019 Tracker
June 2019 Tracker in my Bullet Journal

As you can see from this month’s tracker, I’m doing fairly well in most areas.  Those first 5 days have a lot of colored boxes!  I’m finding that this type of tracker is fairly motivating.

Quicken – One goal that I’ve had forever and ever is to keep up to date with Quicken and to reach year’s end and not have a mad, frenetic three-week marathon to catch it all up in time for taxes. I kept it up to date until mid-April, this week I’m playing catch up again.

Blog posts – 2 blog posts per week.  Hmmm… only one so far in June.  I’d best get busy!

40th Wedding Anniversary trip – need to get that planned.  Vacation dates from work have been approved, now we just need to pin down and itinerary and make some reservations.

So, that’s June.  And already it’s the 6th!  June is just flying by. Time to go work on some of those goals!

Random Thoughts Halfway Through 2011

Nothing organized, just random ideas and perplexities.

  1. I began a gratitude journal yesterday, and since it only had two entries by the end of the day, I believe I seriously need to continue it.
  2. Even though I no longer have an “official” homeschool chat, I do so enjoy meeting some of my online friends on IRC every Friday morning and just hashing out our lives.
  3. I so hope the second half of 2011 goes more smoothly than the first half.  Frankly I’m tired of the not-knowing what we will do.  First it was, does Bill have a job after June 3rd or not?  And then it was if he has a job, will the pay be the same or much lower?  And now, with him still in the interview process for another job in another state, it’s will he get that job?  Will we be moving soon?  Add in the stress this month alone of my dad’s death, the wildfire, having to evacuate, is it any wonder I can’t think of anything to write in a gratitude journal?
  4. I am on the last row of my nephew’s graduation afghan and am running low on yarn.  It looks like I will have to buy another whole skein just to finish a quarter of a round.
  5. I got my hair cut yesterday for the first time in over a year.  Just trimmed about three inches off, so it is not so hot and sweaty to sleep on.  I had been braiding it at night so that I wasn’t lying on all that hair, but then it was all kinky and frizzy during the day from the braiding, which I didn’t like at all.  This feels so much better!
  6. The Monument Fire now has only 70 personnel assigned to finish mopping up the hot spots, squelching any new flare-ups, and helping in the rehabilitation of the area after the fire is out.  I’ve had a fire or two in my lifetime, but nothing has frightened me as much as having a wildfire less than a mile from our house and having to emergency evacuate.  Its one thing to evacuate from an impending hurricane where you have time to process and prepare, but this was EVERYBODY OUT RIGHT NOW!  I hope to never go through that again!
  7. I miss playing Scrabble on Facebook with two friends.  I guess life just became too much for all of us this past month and we’ve let our games slip slide away.
  8. I could easily become addicted to Starbuck’s Mocha Coconut Frappuccino.  And no, I do not want to know how many calories are in it!  I don’t get mine with whipped cream, so I am sure that makes it a good choice!
  9. Bill and I will celebrate our 32nd Anniversary on July 7th.  Amazing isn’t it?  It is even more amazing that we are closer now than at any other time during our marriage.  Life is good on the marriage front!
  10. We’re having guests this weekend; David’s friends from Phoenix are coming down to spend a few days here, sleep on the couch/recliner, mooch some food, watch some movies, and just generally enjoy themselves.  We’re always happy to have them visit.  They are very nice polite young men and we’re glad to know them, since David will likely be living with them this next year when he goes back to college.
  11. I’ve been thinking seriously of starting journaling again.  Yeah, I know, some of you have heard this before.  I’ve mentioned it a few times this month, but haven’t begun yet.  There’s just some things I need to get down on paper that I can’t post here on my blog that are causing frustration, anger, sorrow, hurt and anger.  Did I mention anger?  I don’t deal well with anger, never have.  Nor dissension.  So I am hoping that journaling might help me deal with some of these feelings, process some ideas, and mentally prepare myself for some of the upcoming issues it looks like I’m going to have to deal with concerning my dad’s estate.  Not pretty.  And that’s all I’m going to say here.
  12. It looks like we’re going to need to mow our backyard, or at least mow some sections of it.  We’ve had three good rains this week and so some of the grass has taken off.  So far this year we have mowed it twice in May and that’s been it.  Last year we had to mow it almost weekly from early May until the monsoons began in late June, and then mow it twice a week after that.
  13. I am in serious need of a Munchkin hug.  Or even a Munchkin chat.  But I think she’s on the road today, going from her Daddy’s back to Tallahassee.  So maybe we can Skype later this weekend.

Should I end this with a thirteen?  Why not, Kat has always considered 13 a lucky number.  And I really don’t believe in lucky or unlucky numbers, so I guess I’m done!  Hopefully I will be posting a good bit more in July than I did in June.

Enjoy your Fourth of July Weekend!  We will be going dancing tonight, watching the Coke 400 in Daytona tomorrow night, and watching the movie Independence Day sometime during the weekend.  Maybe we’ll even go see the movie Cars 2!

January Reality Check

January is two-thirds done now, so it seems like a good time to do a goals reality check.

1. Financial area – Quicken has not been updated. In fact, I’ve just begun getting things arranged for the New Year, spreadsheets created new for 2011, etc. I tackled my desk (again!) yesterday and that is the plan for this afternoon, to finish clearing my desk. We had the opportunity last week to rent our property in Alabama and so I spent several days making those arrangements and getting documents in the mail.

2. Personal goals – I have (mostly) replaced playing online Solitaire with putting together a puzzle! I can’t say that I have not played any games of solitaire, but my time has certainly been reduced drastically. Now, if I have five or ten minutes to kill, I go work on the puzzle instead.

jigsaw puzzle

3. Personal goals – My guitar practicing has not been quite as successful, although there has been progress there too. I have remembered to practice 12 out of the last 24 days, but most of that was in the first half of that time period. One day missed and then I forgot for several days. But even with that amount of time, my fingers are getting more limber and my finger drills are going better. I think I am about ready to move along to the next section of the DVD Lessons, chords!

4. Personal goals – I have not “put myself out there more”, not yet, anyway. I did start back up with my clogging lessons last week! I was not as far behind as I thought and I remembered most everything. Bill & I did try to go square dancing to a new club on Tuesday’s the first week of January, but we didn’t have the proper directions and never found the place. And the last two weeks haven’t worked out. I am going to stop in at the Library tomorrow and see about any book clubs.

5. Personal goals – Calling my siblings. I called my sister Wendy last weekend for her birthday! One down, three more to go and only 12 days left in the month!

6. Blogs – I am doing great with my personal blog, especially since I joined the 365 Mommytography Project and have to post a picture each day. Actually, that is probably contributing to my getting less done in other areas. I am having too much fun taking, editing and posting pictures! But I have done a few posts to my Leaping blog. I am still debating whether to continue my Racing blog or not. I don’t seem to be able to generate a continuing interest in writing about racing. My domain renews in March, so I will have to decide by then whether to continue it or not.

7. Website – I definitely need to be working harder in this area. No, I want to be working harder in this area! I forget that I am working on changing my thinking from “should do” and “need to do” to “want to” in order to change my procrastination tendencies. So, I want to be working on my website. And I do!

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